How To Keep Your Craft Station Clean And Organized

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Are you an artist who has a studio and a crafting station or maybe you just enjoy doing lots of DIY and crafting. Whatever your occupation is, if it’s one of these two, although tons of others are not excluded, you probably have a crafting station, and it gets quite chaotic sometimes with all of the mediums you use that end up scattered everywhere that you can imagine. Having a cluttered crafting station can effect your motivation and productivity a lot, it is basically scientifically proven. So instead of losing the time that can be spent in working on your next idea, get down to clean up and organize your crafting station.

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The first thing you are going to need is to lay down everything that you use in your craft on an open space. From there you can pick out what goes with what and start categorizing your tools. When you have set everything in their own little categories and sub-categories, it is time to find a place for them. Now let’s think a little bit more creative and outside the box. How about instead of going around placing your stuff in any empty drawer or pencil box, you on the other hand think of something that is a projection of you. Sure, going for the easy pencil box solution would be organized and all that but it will be so boring. Why should you want that when you can think of a way to turn your work place into a reflection of your art.

I am a photographer and from time to time dabble in digital art as well, I don’t need a crafting station for those kinds of things. But in the same way I keep everything clean and organized on my computer, you need to maintain your crafting station the same way. I wish I was an art curator or at least had more knowledge in art history so I can drop a very suitable quote from a famous but obscure from the mainstream world, artist. Anyway, if there is an art movement that you favor and/or follow, let’s say Surrealism, Minimalism, Realism, Renaissance Art or even tumblr memes – these are themes which you can seek inspiration from and around them shape your studio and crafting station. It will be especially clean if you follow the minimalistic approach, Efficient spring cleaning tell you that. What are other people seeing – an empty room. What are you seeing – minimalism.

Create a mental map of where you want everything to stay and how you want your station to look like. Or make a physical one, whatever you fancy most. When you are done doodling your drawing, or just finished a very impressive recreation of your craft station it is time to start cleaning up and organizing where everything needs to be. And thanks to the map you have created, next time you lose order of your studio, you can follow this map and return everything back in its place.

If there is something that is in the back of your head, slowing you down from creating, and keeps stressing you out, then you must find what it is and rip it out. An artist block is something every artist goes through, the state can be caused by all sorts of factors. If your surroundings are making you feel that your art just doesn’t feel the same way it used to then you would have to get your act together and do some changes. For you to be creative and productive again you have to maintain the aesthetic of your work space that suits you and your art best.