How To Entertain The Kids At The Weekend!

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Having to entertain the kids at the weekend can be hard, and you often get stuck for ideas. You need something which will take up most of the day, and will be something they will tell their friends about at school on Monday morning. Here are some fun ways to entertain the kids at the weekend.



A fun thing which is great for all the family is the beach. You can sit and relax in the sun while the kids all play in the sand. Buy them a bucket and spade so that they can make their own sandcastles, and it will keep them busy for hours. If it’s going to be a warm day, you need to ensure they have been covered in sun lotion before you go to the beach. You should also remember to take some sun hats and sunglasses with you. While the sun is at its hottest, you may want to move from the beach and go and find a nice cafe to have some lunch in. Or if you want to stay on the beach, why not make some sandwiches so you can have a picnic on the beach. They will definitely love their day out at the seaside, and will be exhausted when they get home.


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Another way to entertain the kids at the weekend is to go sightseeing. It’s not only fun for them, but it’s also educational. Decide where you want to go first, then you can book tickets so that you can ensure you will see the attractions while you’re there. After all, Saturdays are so busy that it might be fully booked if you don’t book in advance. You can arrange to go on some tours such as london to stonehenge tours where they will tell the children more about the history of the area. Try and make the day as fun as possible for the kid.


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If you want to entertain your kid at the weekend, you should consider taking them to the cinema. They will love going to see a movie on the big screen, and you can buy them some treats to enjoy while you’re watching it. It is a good way to spend a couple of hours before taking them home. If you can’t afford the movie prices, then you could consider having a cinema day at home. Grab a couple of films they would love to see, and then bring blankets down and make some snacks to enjoy while the movie is on.


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Another fun idea for a weekend is a trip to the Zoo. If your kid loves animals, they are bound to have a great time looking at all the different animals, and learning more about them. It’s a full day out which will get them smiling. Zoos often have a playground and a shop for them to have a look in as well. They are likely to get busy on a weekend, so you should ensure you get there as early as possible.



Remember that your kid will have lots of fun if they are spending time with you!