How Does Play From A Young Age Benefit Children?

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Play for children of all ages is so important, and it benefits children in more ways than you could image. It should never been seen as something that will just keep them occupied. It should be seen as something that will keep their minds stimulated, and their brain educated. Too many children nowadays are growing up in the technological era, which is both positive and negative. We know that technology has so many advantages in our lives, but do our children really have to be glued to a tablet, a TV, or a mobile phone from a young age to have fun? No, play is the best thing for them, and we want to show you what you can do, and the benefits it’s going to have for them. So, before you stick the TV on for them, have a read of the information we’ve got below, and see if we can change your ways.

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Education is a big part of play. It’s how young children learn motor skills, as well as how to use their brain in situations. We get why it seems easy to just stick the TV on and be able to relax in peace, but they just won’t be getting the same level of mental stimulation as they would if they were to be playing with toys. Even from a few months old, you should be giving them something to interact with to keep their minds engaged and entertained. Djeco are great for babies as it gives them something to hold and interact with, so therefore keeping their minds occupied. As they start getting past a few months old, you can start introducing toys that play words, songs, or noises. Even though they’re only young, this is a great way of ensuring they’re being exposed to things they need to learn from an early age!

Bond Building

We don’t need to tell you how important it is to make sure you’re building a bond with your child. From birth you will already be putting things into motion with skin to skin contact, feeding, and reading to them. From there, it’s all about making sure that you get yourself involved with their play to ensure you’re building a bond with them. Even if it means talking to princess dolls as if they are real for hours, or running round the jungle gym with them at the local park. Too many parents take a back seat with play, so it’s time to get more engaging!

Enriched Life

Having a life full of play from a young age really does mean that they’re going to have an enriched life. They’ll be having fun on a daily basis, and their minds will be occupied with things that are going to stimulate mental growth, rather than stunt it. It will lead to great friendships being made, as well as that strong bond with you that we have already discussed! You just need to make sure the love of play does not die down at a young age. Get them outside with friends, get them playing with their toys, and join in where ever you can!