How Can I Help My Teenager While They Learn To Drive?

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As a parent, it’s hard to see your teenager grow up and fly the nest. However, learning to drive is one of the few processes where your child will still need your help.

How Can I Help My Teenager While They Learn To Drive


Stepping into the driving world is a scary step for any young driver. They naturally want to achieve things for themselves. But your experience and guidance can be the secret weapon to boosting their chances of a first-time pass. Moreover, it should help them find the best car within their budget.

Here are four great ways that you can help your teen. Use them.

Offer Lessons

Before your son or daughter can buy their first car, they must first learn to drive. This is one area where you can help out.

There’s no substitute for lessons from a professional instructor, and those early dealings should be left to an expert. However, as your child’s confidence grows, you can take them on a few lessons. Don’t offer too many tips, simply sit back and encourage what they are doing right,

This can be particularly useful if they are going to be using your car as it gets them familiarized with the vehicle at an early stage.

Keep Them Organised

Driving isn’t the only important thing happening in your teenager’s life right now. With work, studies, and growing up thrown into the mix, it can be hard for them to stay on top of everything. While you can’t help them with every aspect of their life, the driving side is one where you can.

Book a theory test or help fill in paperwork to remove some of the stress from your teenager’s shoulders. Moreover, you can invest in various programs to help them study for the theory test too.

The key is to avoid taking over completely. After all, your growing teen needs their independence. However, if you strike the right balance, your input could be invaluable.

Help Them With Car Purchase

Driving is a huge expense, and can blow a massive hole in any driver’s finances. However, coping with the monetary aspects is even harder for teenagers. As a loving parent, helping them with the purchase could be the best help available.

Buying a reliable used motor for your child would be a huge gesture. Or if you can’t afford to buy a car, you could always try to win one. Scrap that, if you do win, they can have your current vehicle.

Putting money towards the purchase isn’t the only way you can help. As a more experienced driver, you have a better idea of how to find the right motor and haggle on the price.

Research Other Items

The car purchase isn’t the only big cost associated with driving. Insurances and taxes can be astronomical. Then there’s also the petrol and upkeep of the car to consider too.

As a parent, you can help in two ways. Firstly, your research into different companies will help your child find the best deal at the price. Meanwhile, adding yourself to their insurance plan can make a noticeable saving too.

If there’s one piece of advice that your child will appreciate, it’s saving them money. Do this, and they’ll thank you forever.