Honeymoon Trends Every Bride And Groom Should Consider

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Planning a wedding can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but the honeymoon is a decision a lot of couples like to make together. It can be the one part of your special day that you don’t have to worry too much about what anyone else thinks. That is because the honeymoon is just enjoyed by the two of you. Giving you a chance to enjoy one another’s company as man and wife. But where to go and what to do, they are the big questions. So I thought I would share with you some of the recent trends more newlyweds are considering for the holiday after the big day. I hope it provides you or someone you know a little inspiration to think a little differently.



An African Safari

If you want a honeymoon that is definitely a little different from the norm, then why not consider an African safari. This wildlife & wilderness experience offers you the opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime. It can definitely be considered as a fun and interesting way to spend your first few days as husband and wife. Many of these kinds of holidays are planned and scheduled, meaning you can pick and choose the excursions that will interest you most. Some will even offer unique accommodation experiences from tents to high tree top houses. A honeymoon to remember that is for sure.

A trip of a lifetime to Australia

Another thing many new couples are considering is using the honeymoon as a chance to take that trip of a lifetime. For many newlyweds after the wedding, they start to focus their attention on starting or adding to their family, so this spells the perfect opportunity to take that trip while you can. For some, that means heading as far as you can go to the country Australia. Here you can take in the landmark sites of Sydney, marvel at the beautiful scenery and coffee culture of Melbourne, while even considering snorkeling in The Great Barrier Reef. There is so much to this vast place that you are literally spoilt for choice on where to go and what to see.



A road trip around America

If you love the idea of a unique honeymoon, then a road trip across America could be the perfect thing for you. You might want to plan your trip in advance, so you visit the states and cities you want. Many people consider places like Las Vegas, New York City, Nashville and Los Angeles high on their hit list of places to see.

Backpacking through Asia

You might want to try something a little new and go on an adventure. What could be more exciting than jumping on a plane with just your partner and backpack for company? Backpacking is seen as something many students do during a GAP year, but more and more people are considering it in later life. An experience not to be missed.



Staying put here in the UK

Finally, a lot of new couples are considering staying put here in the UK. Opting for something more low key like a city break to London or taking in the rich history of places like Stoke-On-Trent or Bath. Many cities in the UK offer much to do, and the chances are some of us have never really explored our own country.

I hope this has inspired you with different ideas for your honeymoon.