Holiday Hints For Heat Haters

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As a nation, we associate holidays with sun lovers. For the most part, the assumption is correct. The majority of people flock to the hottest climates they can find. Who can blame them when our weather is so terrible most of the time? But, by jumping to such conclusions, we forget about the people who can’t stand hot weather. For such individuals, beachside holidays are the stuff of nightmares, and even the Great British summer is too much to bear. But, do these people not deserve a holiday too? We think so. That’s why we’re going to take a look at holiday ideas for heat haters.

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Something to cool you

An obvious suggestion would be a holiday somewhere cool. An option like Iceland rarely gets above 20 degrees. There’s no worrying about excessive heat there. And, this destination still attracts plenty of tourists. With hot springs and geysers among its natural wonders, it’s a cold country with plenty to offer!

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If you’re feeling brave, you could head on a skiing holiday. Why not set off for the iconic French Alps? Or, you could opt for something more exclusive, like ski holidays to Andorra. This small province next to France is sure to offer a more relaxing experience. And, temperatures here average at 12 degrees. Bear in mind that, unlike the Alps, skiing isn’t available all year round. If you want to head here for your summer holidays, you’ll need to do so early in the season.

Travel off-peak

As an alternative, you could always travel off-peak to chosen destinations. Within Europe, most countries experience modest temperatures through the early months. Even travelling as late as June should be enough to keep you out of the worst heat waves. Search online to see the temperatures of different destinations before you set off. In France, for example, you can expect temperatures ranging from 16-18 degrees up until the end of June. Even somewhere more exotic, like Malta, has modest highs of 21 degrees up until June/July.

And, escaping the heat isn’t the only benefit of travelling off-peak. You’ll also enjoy reduced rates and quieter locations. So, instead of your heat aversion being a hindrance, it could help you in a major way here.

Travel around the world

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If you have your heart set on a holiday during summer, there are options open to you. For some of us, school and work mean we can’t escape at any other time. If that’s the situation you find yourself in, fear not. You could turn to some basic geography when choosing your next destination. While we in the western hemisphere enter our summer, the southern hemisphere countries cool down for winter. So, heading across the world to a destination like Australia or New Zealand may be your best bet. Bear in mind that you still won’t be in for frosty mornings this way. Even the coldest Australian winter days rarely get below 15 degrees. But, that at least means you can get around without frying!