Hatchback to the Future! The Best Family Cars

Motoring My Family

If your kids are treating you like a glorified taxi service, you may as well have a nice car to be driving around in! Even though SUVs and crossovers are gradually increasing in popularity, in 2017 the hatchback is still king of the family cars. Their convenient, space-saving design means there is plenty of room for all the family (plus the extra items that inevitably come along with them) while they are less expensive to run than their larger counterparts. In this blog, I’ll take a quick look over some of the best family cars this year and the features that make them so darn appealing.


Vauxhall Astra

Designed for the modern family, this attractive automobile is one of the most economical on the market today. As well as providing good value for money, it is both enjoyable to drive and hugely comfortable on the inside. It is perfect for ferrying around the family, plus it is also a great car to drive on those rare moments you have to yourself!

Skoda Octavia

This is one of the roomiest models in the hatchback range so it is ideal if you have a lot of items that need transporting around, which is likely to be a lot of the time! There is ample space in the boot, making it ideal for family holidays. It also provides great value for money and is a solid, reliable choice without being too flashy.

Volkswagen Golf

Known for its incredible reliability and efficiency, the Volkswagen Golf has been heralded for years and years. It’s easy to see why. The latest Golf offers a smooth driving experience and has a beautiful interior, as well as ample space in the boot. It’s so good, you’ll want to keep it all to yourself!

Citroen C4 Picasso

The exterior of this car is instantly recognisable, and it is a very compact and space-saving choice. One of the main plus points of this car is its practicality. Boot space can be varied and seats completely fold back to leave a flat loading area. Though it is not the quickest car out there, its practical advantages may outweigh this particular downside.

Renault Megane

Another car that’s name precedes it, the Renault Megane offers a smooth and relaxing drive, though it doesn’t have the same level of reliability as other similar hatchbacks. However, it is comfortable, well equipped and provides good value for money so it is still a good family car for 2017.

Audi A3

Though this one is towards the top end of the market, the Audi A3 justifies its price with cutting-edge technology, a range of engines and a stunning interior. If your budget can stretch to it, this one is certainly worth considering. Check FindMeCarFinance for car finance deals.

Honda Civic

This stylish automobile is both practical and high performing. It is practical because it boasts a huge boot and good miles to the gallon ratio, while it is high performing because is has secure handling and a 0-60mph time of less than 10 seconds. A great all-round choice!