Has The Time Come For Them To Fly The Nest? Help Give Them Wings!

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Your children don’t stop being your babies just because they grow up. In fact, the job of parenting gets harder as they get older. Why? Because they don’t think they need you anymore. In truth, your children will always need you. And, you’ll always want to do everything possible to ensure they’re taken care of. That’s especially true when they’re first spreading their wings. Renting a home can be a challenge, even when you’ve done it for years. Doing it for the first time can be overwhelming . When the time comes for your children to fly the nest, you’ll want to help. Here are a few ways you can!


Your child may not want you there cramping their style during house viewings. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go! You need to be the voice of reason during the house hunting process. That’s not to say you should criticise or show a negative attitude. All you need do is go along and ask the questions your child doesn’t. They haven’t owned a home yet, so they won’t know what to consider. Things like heating systems need to be addressed. If your child has an issue with you coming to every viewing, compromise. Agree to go only to second viewings. That way, they’ll have some sense of doing things themselves. And remember, make sure to ask the right questions!


No young adult wants to think about bills. Even if they did, they wouldn’t have a clue how much bills can increase the cost of living. That’s why the job falls on you. Once they’ve found a house, talk through the additional cost. You won’t be able to know the exact amount until they’ve moved in, but it’s worth preparing them. Give them some idea by explaining how much you pay each month. The estate agent may also be able to give you a rough estimate. Just remember, that won’t be set in stone!


The housing market isn’t easy to manoeuvre when you’re young. You need an excellent credit rating to be approved for anything. The problem? Young people rarely have credit scores. Having no credit score is as problematic is having a bad one. That’s why you may need to guarantor for your child. Make sure you’re able to fill the role by getting a free Credit Score check & report from MyCreditMonitor or others like them. As guarantor, you’ll need an excellent rating yourself. If anything flags up, take action to improve it. There’s plenty of advice out there about how to get the best score possible. Make sure to use it!

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Once the technical things are out the way, moving day will come before you know it. Your last job is to help your child move! Chances are, they won’t have much at this stage. They’ve been living in a bedroom up to now, right? Help them pack and transport their things. And remember, don’t ruin the day by getting emotional!