Half-Term Activities To Do With The Kids

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It might be too late to make the most of this half term period, but if it’s come and gone without so much as one thing of note taking place, then don’t worry – you’ll have another opportunity soon enough! It can be difficult keeping your kids entertained for days on end, but luckily we’re here to help. Here are a few ideas to ensure your kids have a positive, constructive period away from the classroom. And we’ll say it quietly, but you might also end up having a good time, too….

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Get Outdoors

When your kids are in school, you rarely have the time to really get out into the great outdoors. During the week there’s no time, and the weekends are jam packed with sport clubs, shopping, and all the other mandatory aspects of live as a parent. You might take the odd camping trip, but even that can be more trouble than it’s worth, fraught with rain – and stress. A day trip is much easier to arrange. During half term, plan a day out to a local area of natural beauty. Wherever you live, there’ll almost certainly be somewhere within an hour or so of your home. Grab a packed lunch, load up the car, and get some much needed outdoor time with the kids.

Do Something Completely Different

How often do you really explore your local area? With most people choosing to go abroad or at least further on down the road, there’s a whole pocket of the population who don’t realise that they probably have plenty of interesting stores and small museums right in their own back yard. For example, you could visit Aquatics To Your Door and pick up a fish, source your local musical instrument store and see if your kids have a natural affinity for the piano or guitar, or find your local pool hall and have a day on the tables. It’s different to the things you usually do, and you might just pick up an interesting item or hobby.

Source: Pexels.com

Educational Entertainment

It is hard, we admit, to get children to visit a museum when their friends are off having fun. But during half term, you’ll find that your local museums are where the fun actually is! Many put on children friendly activities and events. For example, visit London museums (often for free) during half term and you’ll find plenty of quirky activities going on. They’re also child friendly areas, of course, so you can take a break in the cafe knowing they’re having a good time. Win win!

Right at Home

You don’t have to venture out in the big wide world to have a good time. Fun begins at home. Why not set your children a DIY project, which has the benefit of A. getting them creative and B. generally keeping them occupied! Load up on arts and crafts supplies and see what they can come up with. You can also get involved, and trust us – it’s more fun than you might expect!