Great Tips For Earning Some Extra Money You Won’t Want To Miss

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We are always looking for ways to stretch our money when we have a family to pay for. Things like school trips and family holidays can easily break the bank. We need to keep on top of our finances so that we have financial security in life. If you are finding you are struggling to make ends meets, it could be time to find a way to earn some extra money. Here are some great tips for earning some extra money you won’t want to miss!

Rent out your car parking space

One great tip for earning some extra money you won’t want to miss is you could rent out your car parking space. A lot of people have started to do this as it can make you some money. With car parks getting so expensive, people are opting for this so they can park their car for a cheaper rate.  It also gives them somewhere safe where they don’t have to worry about their vehicle. Therefore, if you don’t use your driveway, you can put it on sites such as Just Park, and people will pay you to use it for an allocated amount of time. You will be able to get even more money if you live in a prime location!

Start a great blog

Another great tip for earning some extra money you won’t want to miss is you should start a new blog. You can write your thoughts, and if you manage to get some advertising, you could end up earning a lot of money. As well as making money, a blog is a great way to de-stress after a busy day! You can read more about creating a blog on here. Remember to use SEO techniques so that people will be able to find your blog. You should mobile optimise your blog so people can read it on the move on their phone. You can also create an app so people can easily read your blog. You can get in touch with many app development firms who will be able to help you do this so you can get more views, and start making money with your blog!

Start a Great Blog

Become a pet sitter

If you have a love for animals, you should consider becoming a pet sitter to earn some extra money. You can have a dog or cat stay with you for a week while their owner goes on holiday. Not only will your kids love the furry friend staying at the home, but you will earn some extra money too!

Do some freelance work

Another great tip for earning some extra money you won’t want to miss is you could do some freelance work. You need first to check your employer is okay with you doing some freelance work in your spare time. If they are okay with it, you can then advertise your services online in your specific field. Remember to set a good rate so it’s worth your time, and be wary of fees on sites such as People Per Hour.

Freelance Work UK


Remember you could ask your employer if there are more hours available for you to work. Also, if you have been there a long time, it could be a good time to ask your employer for a raise.