Going to the Beach This Summer? Don’t Forget to Pack These Essentials

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With summer here, the holiday season is looming and it’s only a matter of time until we start heading out to those beaches that we love so much. But there always seems to be a couple of items we forget when we decide to head out, and that could turn an otherwise amazing beach trip to a frantic scramble. So here’s a short list of beach essentials that everyone should be carrying with them this summer.


Sun Protection

Be it sunglasses, sunscreen, a big hat or even a large parasol, make sure you’re carrying ample protection from the sun. If you aren’t, then expect to get plenty of sunburns and risk the health of your skin. These are essentials that you definitely shouldn’t forget, not just because of the annoyance of being exposed to the sun, but mainly for the sake of your safety. Make sure to carry these and if you do forget some form of sun protection, don’t hesitate to purchase from the overpriced stalls on the beach. Remember, it’s for your own safety.

Beach Clothing

Laying on the sand is fun, but if the sand has been heating it up for the better part of the day, then you might want to get some layers to separate you and the blazing sands. A towel is also going to help dry you off for when you take a dip in the waters. If you don’t want to be exposed to the scorching sands, then you want to carry some flip flops with you as well. Swimwear is also recommended especially if you plan to get anywhere near to the water. It could be designer swimwear or something more simple, as long as it deflects water you should be fine. Remember that when it gets dark the temperature will drop significantly, so carry some night clothing with you as well.


Phone Accessories

Everyone uses their phone at the beach nowadays, which is why it’s important to carry some phone accessories to both protect it and make extra use of it. For starters, carry a portable battery bank so you don’t run out of juice too easily. You also want to have a waterproof bag to put your phone in unless it’s a waterproof smartphone. You may also want a selfie stick to take pictures with your friends and family.


Laying in the sun is great to get yourself tanned, but you’ll probably get bored doing nothing. If you’re going with a group of friends, bring some beach entertainment such as a beach volleyball and a neat, a waterproof radio or perhaps even a bucket or two for the kids to build sandcastles with. If you’re more laid-back with your entertainment, then bring some headphones to listen to music and perhaps a book to read.

Large Bag

Let’s not forget that you won’t be able to carry all of that stuff without a big bag. Instead of getting a rucksack or a large bag, just get a simple tote bag and carry everything with you over the shoulder. It’s much more convenient, you won’t sweat and get the rucksack sticking to you, and it’s easier to just stuff everything inside a tote bag.