Giving Your Home Office The Gift of Time

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Somehow, time seems to move a lot faster when you work from home. It can be both a blessing and a curse; sure, your day flies by, but you’re also stuck in the endless rut of sleeping and working, managing your own kind of cabin fever, and hoping your household will give you a few hours of peace for once.

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What was supposed to be a convenient and flexible way of working has suddenly become a time-drainer, bombarding you with a mix of household tasks and work – and you struggle with making ends meet.

Working from home has become a popular alternative for many, and the most driven ones have found a solution to your time management trouble. Here is a couple of the best advice from home office-veterans, making it easier to keep up with life.

Who is more productive?

As an increasing amount of regular office workers are choosing to stay at home for good, everyone is asking the same question; are they more productive at the office or at home? While the verdict has yet to come, this study suggests that employees who manage to stick to the same schedule as they did in the office are able to get more done.

The reason? Peace and quiet, apparently. The office can be a noisy place with a lot of distractions; if you want to boost your productivity when working from home, it is essential that you have a room of your own.

Find inspiration from these home office design ideas and create your space for concentration and productivity. Strictly limit the amount your household is allowed to disturb you, close the door, and get to work – it’s more than you would have been able to do in an open office, that’s for sure.

Declutter everything

Most of us have noticed the stressed-out feeling of waking up to a messy kitchen, living with clutter up to your neck, and quietly trying to focus on something else. It’s difficult – almost impossible to enjoy a calm and concentrated mind when your surroundings are chaotic.

Take care of the mess before you get to work and notice that, even if you can’t see the neat and clean kitchen counter from your home office, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a mind that will focus on nothing but the work in front of you.

It’s not just your home and your inbox that should be decluttered before you get to work, though, as you can also take advantage of technology to make your workday less chaotic. Evernote is a solid choice for many business owners or remote workers, as well as more comprehensive tech tools such as JIRA test management to make your team a lot more productive.

Any software that is able to organise your work and include everything you need in one neat interface is gold for boosting your office efficiency.

Treat yourself to a few breaks during the day as well, by the way, and make sure your office space is pleasant to be in. Other than that, the best measures you can take to be more productive is to have a healthy balance between work and rest.

Take a walk, eat your lunch outside – and get to work.