Give Your Child A Great Attitude To Learning

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Education, despite what some people might say, hinges on teamwork. It relies on a good student just as much as it does a good teacher. You could spend a fortune sending your child to the very best schools in the world, but if they don’t put the work in it would all be for nothing. Obviously, you want your child to succeed, and in order to do this you need to make sure they take the right attitude with them to school. Here, we’ll go over some of the best ways to make sure your child succeeds in school.


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One valuable lesson you should teach your child right from the start is that failure is a necessary bridge to success. Think of something you’re really, really good at for a moment. Then think of the very first time you attempted it. No matter what it is, every skill requires a period of incompetence before you get any good at it. This can be a little tricky for a child to grasp, and when they fail at something it can be pretty disheartening. Make sure that they know that failing is no big deal, but giving up certainly is! Try not to over-praise them for their achievements, as this can make failure feel much worse. When they do fail, tell them about some failure in your life, what you learned from it and how you bounced back.


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Next, try to find ways to make your children love the act of learning. Confucius said “give a man a job he loves and he’ll never have to work again”. The same principle can be applied to education. If your children see learning as a chore, they’ll find it so much harder. I’m sure you can think of at least one subject which you thought you despised, only to find out that you actually enjoyed it under a better teacher. Studies have shown over and over that when you’re in a good mood, you’re smarter, more engaged, and more dedicated to completing tasks. Get your kid to enjoy learning, and you’ll have no problems getting them to apply themselves in the future. This can be a little hard, but it’s certainly not impossible! Educational games, home tuition, and a general positive attitude are some of the things you should try.

Closely related to my last point, make sure you’re encouraging the things that your child is passionate about. Hyper specialisation is rampant both in the workplace and the classroom these days. In a world like this, it isn’t possible to be good at everything in school. Naturally, you may be more worried about the things which your child is struggling at. However, if they’re showing a genuine interest in a certain subject, don’t be afraid to go over-the-top in encouraging it. As they overcome challenges within this passion and learn more about it, getting stuck into the subjects they don’t like will naturally become easier.

Apply these tips today, and your child will be well on their way towards a great attitude for education.