Gift Ideas For Relatives Who Live Overseas

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When you live far away from your loved ones, gift giving can be difficult. You understandably want them to know that you are thinking about them during their special day. But when you can’t physically be there, you have to rely on your gift to show them how much you care. However, sending a gift to another country can come with it’s own problems. From costly postage to weight restrictions, your choice of gift can be seriously limited. For thoughtful gift ideas your overseas relatives will love, use the following suggestions to help you.



Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes are still as popular as ever, and they make fantastic gifts for overseas relatives. These boxes are tailored to suit an array of interests and hobbies from gardening to makeup. There are endless options to choose from which makes them ideal for any member of your family. For teenagers, you could send a Super Loot Crate for a comic book fan or a Birch box for a makeup addict. Or for grandparents, you could send them a Grandbox with snacks, toiletries and stationery inside. Most companies will keep the contents a surprise, whereas others will give you options. Think about what your relatives enjoy and use Google to find suitable subscription boxes they will love. They can be posted all over the world, but prices will vary from company to company so keep this in mind.


Tickets to an event that your relative will enjoy is another fabulous gift you could buy. Many ticket companies now offer the option of printable tickets which they send to you via email. This means you can send them their gift from free and miss out on those costly postal charges. Get their address and research nearby events in their local area. It could be for a festival, comedy night or even a sporting event. If you’re unsure what they are interested in, look on their blog or social media for ideas. Or talk to your other relatives who may know them better. You can then buy and email them their gift in a matter of seconds.



A USB stick

This might seem like an odd gift to send to your family, but it can actually be very personal. You can fill the USB stick with photographs of your family together. Or you can create a modern day mixtape and fill it with songs you know they like. For an extra personal touch, you can record a video message from your family to theirs to let them know you’re thinking of them. This is a simple but beautiful gift that will be treasured by the recipients. Plus, USB sticks are also lightweight which can keep the cost of sending it abroad down.

Whether it’s Mother’s day, Christmas or a birthday, these travel-friendly gifts will be well received. Remember if you decide to use traditional postal services, check the Royal Mail website to see how long it should take to arrive. This will ensure that your gift gets to your relatives at the right time.