Gift Ideas For Budding Engineers

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When your kids are young, who knows what jobs they might do as an adult, or which career pathways they might take? However, it’s never too early to start equipping your kids with the right skills if they start to show an interest in a particular area.

If your boys or girls have a love of football, for example, there are probably many teams they can join in your community. If they love reading, almost every town and city has a library and kids book club they can join. But what if your child has an inbuilt aptitude for building things, or trying to understand how things work? What can you do for your young engineer to ensure they keep enjoying their subject and learn a lot more about how the world works?

There are a few simple ideas you can use to encourage the budding engineer to develop a deeper knowledge and passion of all things physics. Let’s take a closer look.



If you ask any successful engineer about their careers, many will tell you it all started as a child, playing with connectable brick toys such as LEGO. It’s amazing how much this simple but amazing concept inspires an enthusiasm for building and physics. And, while it can be expensive, it’s also an excellent way to while away an afternoon or two. It’s also something that you can do with your kids – and it won’t be long before they start teaching you a thing or two, either!



You can buy models of virtually anything, from figurines of famous movie characters through to a custom model airplane. Model cars, mini-drones, trains sts – the list is pretty much endless. And all of them can help your child understand some of the basics of learning how all this technology is put together. You can even buy self-build model cars which have accurate inner parts these days, although these are obviously for more advanced and older children.


Problem solving puzzles

If you can encourage your children to start working out how to solve their own problems, it’s one of the best traits you can instill in a young engineer. Ultimately, engineering is problem-solving on a highly sophisticated scale, but it’s something that all kids can learn. So, try to avoid mollycoddling your children and doing everything for them – within reason, of course. Getting them excited about solving puzzles is a great place to start – the results and impact it can have can be remarkable.


Maths books

Of course, at the heart of a good engineering career is a sound knowledge of mathematics. Not every child is a natural with numbers, of course, but it’s something they will need if they want to excel in engineering. So, if your child loves LEGO, building model planes, or has a general interest in how things work, always try and get them involved with maths from as early an age as possible.

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