Getting Ahead With School – As A Parent!

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As a child, we all feared our parents interfering too much with our school lives. This was our home away from home, the place where we created our own social circles without too much impact from an outside source. But in a world that’s dominated by social media parents in the race to be the best out of all of their friends, it’s no wonder that we are turning our backs on everything that we previously knew and are trying to take a more involved stance in our own children’s lives. But for the most part, it’s not about getting in with every Instagram-picture perfect opportunity, but instead knowing the ins and outs of what your child is going through and preparing them for what’s coming up. That way, you know that you are involved in the best way possible.

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Learn The Rituals

There are certain things that happen in schools every year that will never change. Sports Day is one of them. There is a guide to sports day online for you to brush up your knowledge on the classics such as the Egg & Spoon race and Relay, but even more so you need to brush up your child’s knowledge. Practicing the races in your garden or a local park is a great way to bond as well as giving them a head start as to what to do. The rules can get confusing for those who need a little more time to be explained to than is offered on sports days around the country, especially for those who are anxious about dropping the eggs or not passing on the batons efficiently. Practice makes perfect.

Know The Trends

There are certain fads that go around schools and take them by storm – remember loom bands?  – with the current one being fidget spinners. It wouldn’t hurt parents to learn a little bit more about what their children are getting invested in. It’s not just for their own safety, but for your own peace of mind too. We are scared about those that we don’t know a lot about, so expanding your knowledge on a subject … even if it is something as simple as a fidget spinner … can really help to erase any questions that you may have about it, and alert you to any potential dangers that may arise.

Beat The Bullies

The parents that don’t take too much interest in their child’s education often miss out on other signals as well. There are some signs which can be obvious for the more observant parent that their child is being bullied at school, such as quietness and a reluctance to talk about their day. On the other end of the scale is needing to look out for those who are acting with a sense of bravado and superiority, as they may be the bullies themselves. It’s hard to admit that you may be a parent of the school bully, but it’s something that you need to tackle before it gets out of control.