Gadgets That All Kids Should Have


Today, the world is a very different place to what it was when we were growing up. Our children have grown up on an entirely different planet. They can’t play outside alone, discipline is very different, and they’ll never know a world without tablets or texting.

Advancements in modern technology have meant that their childhoods are very different to those that we had. Work in school is done on computers, books are read via technology, not paper, and parents are kept informed via email.

While I am all for having a limit on the amount of technology that children use each day, I also believe that there are some gadgets that all kids should have. Not just for entertainment purposes, but also for educational and safety ones.

Here’s my guide to all the most useful gadgets for kids:

Gadgets That All Kids Should Have

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Tablet or iPad

The chances are that if you have a tablet of your own, your children are always clamoring you to use it. Instead of having to share your tablet with them, and risk your device being broken, consider buying your child their own one.

There are many benefits of tablets for children. From improving their learning and encouraging their imaginations to teaching them to occupy themselves. Instead of having to wonder about things, like how fast a race car can go without coming off the track, kids can use their tablet to work these things out. (Yes, there’s even an app for that.)

For doing homework, tablets are also fantastic. Today, many schools set homework via the internet. Instead of having to get your kids to share the family computer, get them a tablet each and allow them to take as much time as they need to on their school work.

Of course, if you are going to get your child a tablet, you will need to set usage limits on it. You will also need to block the internet without parental supervision, and you will need to get a good case.


Reading is an essential life skill that children need to perfect, and a Kindle can help them to do that. While there’s nothing wrong with books, carting them around can be a nuisance, especially when travelling.

Whereas a Kindle is light and compact and can hold lots of books at one time. So it is perfecting for keeping the kids entertained wherever you are, as all their books can fit on it.

If you choose to get your children a Kindle, just make sure to get a protective cover for it, to keep it safe. Casehappy has a great selection of kindle paperwhite cases, so make sure to take a look at these. Kids are prone to dropping things, so, as well as a protective case, insurance is also a good idea.

Phone watch

Before you look at me like I’m mad, I don’t mean an Apple watch. Instead of getting your child a mobile phone, get them a phone watch. These are digital watches that can be programmed with one number that can be called from the watch with the touch of a button.

You don’t need to stress about credit or who your child is calling, as the only number they can call is yours. However, a watch like the GizmoPal, gives you peace of mind, knowing that should your child need you, they can contact you with a touch of a button.

Like all parents, I don’t believe kids should spend all their time using gadgets. However, there are some devices that all children should have.