Four Unique and Amazing Ways People Experience Camping

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Many think there’s only one way to go camping. They think of a small zip-up tent in the middle of a rainy forest. They think of a campfire struggling against the elements.

But there is a wide variety of ways in which people experience this classic activity. Check them out!

The open shelter

One of the most annoying things about camping is how awkward the actual tent can be. It’s usually heavy as heck. Getting it out of its bag and setting the whole thing up can be one of life’s most awkward experiences. And all of that pales in comparison to how difficult it can be to actually get the tent back into the bag you brought it in!



But that’s not the only reason some people don’t like them much. Some people simply aren’t too fond of the way your average tent shuts you out of nature. They prefer things to be a bit more open. A tarp shelter involves not much more than protecting yourself from the weather, letting you enjoy the outdoors when it’s raining. Places like Rolling Fox can supply you with the necessary tarps, as well as some handy tips about using them.

The gadget-filled haven

Many travellers wouldn’t think too highly of a camper with too many fancy gadgets. After all, isn’t camping supposed to be about returning to nature? To relying on simpler, healthier aspects of life? If you’re going to surround yourself with loads of cool gadgets, then was there really much point in leaving your house?



But there shouldn’t be any shame in having a tech-filled camping adventure. In fact, all the tech doesn’t fundamentally change your experience. It just helps makes things a bit easier! Things like the Flip-N-Drip coffee maker let you enjoy high-quality coffee while camping, for example. There are gadgets that let you charge electronics using solar power. There are also tablets built specifically for survival adventure.

The glamorous version

Yes, there is a more glamorous way of camping. It’s actually, you know, a “thing”. It’s called glamping. When I first heard the term, I didn’t assume it was anything good. It sounds more like a mispronunciation of “clamping” more than it does a mix of “glamorous” and “camping”.



But glamping undeniably has many attractive features. Basically, it’s a campsite that features the amenities you would never see in traditional camping. The camps will be super-spacious, luxuriously designed and may even have actual beds in them. Outdoor eating is still a thing, but you tend to do it at a table. The practice has sparked the ire of many elitists who think it isn’t “real” camping. But it’s perfect for people who want to experience more of the outdoors with less of the discomfort!

The travelling bar

Some campers actually bring a professionally-designed fold-out caravan that acts as a mobile bar. And yes, I am talking about the alcohol-and-entertainment kind of bar. If you drive this thing to a nearby camping site, I’m sure you’ll be the most popular camper on the block! For most, though, the $150,000 price tag is a touch too hefty.