Football Mad: Is It Such A Bad Thing?

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If you’re a football fan, then you may have been referred to as ‘football mad’ at some point in your life. Maybe your mother said it and shook her head when you went out to play with your friends. Is it really such a bad thing to be mad about football? Maybe you’ve cried when your team lost a game or two. Maybe you go to each match without fail – spending more on your season tickets than on anything else. Let’s talk about why being obsessed with football isn’t necessarily the burden that some think it is.


It’s About Building Relationships

This bit might surprise you. Did you know that being obsessed with football isn’t always about football? A lot of the time, it’s about relationship building! Being a football fanatic can give you a better sense of belonging and identity as you cheer on your team from the sidelines. If you play for a team, you’re going to get a wonderful sense of camaraderie and make friends for life there too.

Whether you go to a game and paint a flag on your face or you’re more quietly patriotic during a game, you can’t deny that you feel more connected to your country and your team when you’re watching football.

Psychologists have even found that identifying yourself with a sports team can have more effects than people realize. The more passionate you are about your team and your fandom, the more of a positive effect it has on your mental health!

Even fans of a local team can’t help but feel a part of something much bigger than themselves when watching their team play. This is where vital connections are made that make ardent football fans much happier in general.

Sport acts as a unifying force for all, so whether you’re simply catching up on the football news on LOL football or you’re actually watching a game, a void feels like it’s being filled. So why should people talk about football obsession as if it’s an out of control compulsion or an unhealthy infatuation? Being football mad is obviously a good thing!

Lots of people are obsessed with things. CEOs are obsessed with their business and coming up with new ideas. Vegans and vegetarians are obsessed with improving the planet and helping animals. Being passionate about what you’re doing can give you a high sense of achievement!

The only time football could be a bad thing is when you let a loss get to you too much, or you let anger get the better of you when your team aren’t doing so well. Other people wonder why football fans get so angry, but they probably don’t understand what it’s like to be a part of something so spectacular! In detached terms, it can be really difficult to see why people get so angry. It’s important to remember that anger will not only ruin your experience, but other football fans experience too.

Do your best to keep a lid on it and simply enjoy the beautiful game. Then, being football mad won’t be such a bad thing!