Five Exciting Places to Visit in Asia on a Budget

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Asia is a huge continent, and it can get expensive travelling to all the unique destinations. However, many countries offer fantastic holidays at a low price, and everything from lodging to food is affordable for even a budget-conscious holidaymaker. Remember to stay in touch with friends and family when travelling, because you’ll be taking picture after picture of these beautiful destinations.

Goa, India

Goa is a western Indian state, so it’s not the type of place you’ll visit for temples and cultural reasons. However, there are plenty of beach towns that are perfect for relaxing breaks—and they’re cheap as well, making it a popular holiday destination. One of the biggest draws to Goa is the lack of big-name restaurant and hotel chains, making your trip feel authentic compared to the most developed parts of India. The north of Goa is bustling with activities like fine dining and nightclubs, and there’s a long stretch of sandy beach that’s popular among water sport enthusiasts.


Picture was taken by Ian D. Keating

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Most holidaymakers default to country’s capital, Bangkok, when they travel to Thailand. However, go further up north and you’ll run into Chiang Mai, a beautiful city that’s the complete opposite of the fast-paced capital. You can relax in the blissful calm, sample local delicacies, and explore the abundance of temples. It’s far less popular, which means you’ll get great deals on travelling to Chiang Mai.


Picture was taken by Anton

Penang, Malaysia

Penang is a melting pot of Asian influences. It’s been named as “The Pearl of the Orient” due to its incredible location with sandy beaches and blue waters. Despite the relatively small area, it’s a charming and cheap holiday destination. There’s a tonne of Malaysian cuisine to be sampled, heritage sites to explore, and temple tours to go on. Certain parts of Penang can get expensive due to popular food locations, so book a budget hotel room in Penang to save on lodging fees.


Picture was taken by Ah Wei

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a vibrant metropolis that has both Eastern and Western influences. With over 11,000 different restaurants, there’s no shortage of places to dine at. There’s Hong Kong Disneyland to explore, and also Ocean Park Hong Kong which is an animal-themed leisure park. Hong Kong has been developing at an alarming rate and as a result, many places have bumped up their pricing. Still, it’s relatively cheap compared to more popular destinations such as Korea and Japan.


Picture was taken by Phil Wiffen

Beijing, China

Beijing is a surprisingly cheap destination, especially compared to some other Asian locations. There’s a popular section of the Great Wall to explore and climb, which is just a short bus ride from the heart of the city. It’s a great location to dive into the history of China, with places like the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square to tour. There are some delicious local foods to try as well, such as Beijing-style Roast Duck and Jing Jiang Rou Si, which is a shredded pork in a special sauce.


Picture was taken by Travis Wise