Five Aside Football: Easy, Fun, Addictive!

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Five aside football is similar to normal football, but it is played in a cage of sorts, where there are only five people on each team, and only four outfield players. It is a great way to play if you do not want to play eleven aside. It is also good if you like the ball at your feet, with only four people on your team in the field you see an awful lot of the ball. In that sense it is easy, though the cardio strain is still tough, you need to be fit to play all kinds of football but five aside is similar to circuit training. Intensive in short bursts. These tips can help you get the most out of five aside. You may have already thought about some of these tips which is great! But read on for more information.

One of the better reasons for five aside is that you get to socialise with like minded people. They could already be friends who you set a team up with, or maybe they are people who you have just met to set up the team. Whatever the reason, being with like minded people is great. You can do things together off the pitch too. There are some great sports travel packages out there that you could all benefit from. Go and watch the pros in action and take what you have learnt back to the pitch. Five aside clubs usually have a bar attached too. Meaning you can kick back and relax with a beer after the game and have a catch up with your friends.


To be able to be good at five aside you need to be able to play the game. It may sound easy but it isn’t, there are key positions that you must define with your team. Of course first is the keeper, who can only roll out underarm. He or she cannot come out of their box either or they will give away a penalty. The goals are a lot smaller than standard ones, however there are a lot more shots to save due to the size of the pitch. After this come of the four outfield players. The best option here is to use a defensive player, an attacking player and then two who rotate. However, the best teams can pretty much do everything.

When you start out it will be tough. You don’t really stop moving and you also sprint in burst. You need to conserve your energy when you can and be careful or you will burn out. When up against a fitter team this can be really hard because the key to good five aside is appropriate man marking. You need to move with each player when your team is not in possession to stop runs and shots on goal. The game is incredibly fast because the ball usually isn’t allowed over head height or in some cases off the floor at all. It comes with experience. When you start out consider asking to be put into one of the lower leagues to ensure a fair and fun experience.