Fight The Fear! Sporting Tips For The Battle Wary

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“Why don’t you join a sports team? It’s great exercise and it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet people.”

Well, that sounds nice, but there’s one problem – fear. Nope, not the apprehension that comes with socialising or fitting in, but the dread of getting hurt. Sports are regulated but that doesn’t mean people don’t suffer injuries. In this country, people are football mad and will do anything to win. Are the pros of a playing sport worth the risks?

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The answer is yes. The only thing holding you back is a mental blockage that is more common than you may think. The great news is that you can lift it with these tips.

Take Baby Steps

Some activities are a rough but not a risk to life. Then, there are the ones that can kill if you’re not careful. Anyone who has played or watched rugby will understand the health hazards. No one should play before they are ready, which is why smaller, less intense versions exist. Cork Tag Rugby has teams for people that don’t want to tackle fully or take part in scrums and lineouts. Because these are the most dangerous parts, it’s a lot safer. Plus, this version will strengthen your love for the sport and encourage you to progress to the next level.

Dive In The Deep End, Literally

Normally, this is a cautionary tale about biting off more than you can chew. In this post, it’s a literal piece of advice to keep in mind. Is there anything worse than the idea of drowning? Still, this alone shouldn’t be enough to keep you out of the water. For one thing, there are professionals on duty ready to help if and when something goes wrong. More than that, diving into the water will prove that there is nothing to be scared of because it’s only H2O.

Get Back On The Horse

Unless you love equestrianism, then you shouldn’t take this literally! Sometimes, things happen and taint the way brain works. Instead of thinking this will be fine, the mind sees the potential bad in everything. So, taking part in an activity that you have loved for years seems like the hardest thing in the world. Consider a tackle in football if you’ve suffered a horrific injury such as a broken leg. As difficult as it sounds, the only way is to commit fully. There’s a chance the same thing might happen, but the odds are high that you’ll realise it was a once off.

Seek Help

A sports therapist isn’t out of the question. Some people see it as weak but they don’t understand the situation. Your mind is working against you and the only way to fix it is to sort through the issues. Doing it alone is possible yet you need the strength of character, and expertise, to spot the problem and come up with a solution. A shrink is a professional with years of experience, and that counts for a lot.

Are you apprehensive? Which one of these tips do you think will help the most?