Father’s Day

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I can’t quite believe I am almost on my third Father’s Day! Where is the time going?. It really does only feel like yesterday that I had my very first Father’s Day and i’ll never forget it. I don’t really make a big deal out of celebrations in general and I am not sure where I stand on Father’s Days as i’d like to think we recognise and value our father’s every day but my first Father’s Day was very special and I was very spoilt.

I love my football and my beloved Tottenham Hotspur and so I received a lovely Spurs cake (Oh I love cake to!). But that was 2013 and things have changed a little bit for me, especially over the past few weeks where I have adopted a lactose free diet so I really have to watch what I eat.

So this year I have dropped a little hint that I would really love the Paul Gascoigne Movie on DVD. I had hoped to catch it at the cinema with my brother-in-law Keith but I am just not sure we are going to get around to it. I hadn’t realised it was available on DVD already so I would really like to add it to the collection.

Italia 90 was probably the first World Cup that I really paid attention to. I was a little younger for Mexico 86 but of course I remember a certain Maradona and the infamous ‘Hand of God’ but Italia 90 really caught my attention. New Order’s ‘World in Motion’, John Barnes rapping ‘You’ve got to hold or give but do it at the right time…’ and Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma, you get the idea! – Great times!

Have a great weekend fellow Dads!


Gascoigne the Movie