Family Motoring On A Budget Revealed: The Surprising Ways YOU Can Save Money!

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Let’s face it; once you’ve had a child, your monthly outgoings start to creep up. And the more kids you have, the higher your regular expenses! As a parent, it’s important to look for practical ways to save money. With the rising cost of motoring expenses, some people sadly decide to give up owning a car.

But, what if I told you there were some surprising ways to slash your motoring costs? Now you don’t have to resign yourself to taking public transport or walking everywhere! Check out these unusual but proven methods to keep your car costs down:


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Don’t own a diesel car if you only drive short distances

You might think that I’m offering you some strange advice here; after all; diesels save money on fuel! The thing is, if most of your journeys are around town, a diesel car will cost you MORE than a petrol one on fuel!

The higher expenses don’t just stop there. Modern diesels have DPFs (Diesel Particulate Filters) fitted to them. In a nutshell, they are exhaust system components that limit the soot coming out of your tailpipe. They get installed from the factory for emissions control reasons, in case you wondered.

If you only drive a diesel car around town most of the time, the DPF can’t burn off the excess soot that it traps. By not making regular motorway journeys, you face the risk of needing to replace the DPF. And that’s something which could cost you several hundred pounds to put right!

So, if you only do local journeys, for the most part, consider trading your car in for a petrol version. With dealers like Hilton Garage around, you won’t find it hard to get a suitable replacement. And when you do, I can guarantee that you’ll start saving money on your motoring expenses!

Invest in some Rain-X Anti-Fog repellant

Now that it’s colder, you’ll need to spend more time demisting your interior windows. Before you do the school run or drive to work, you will have to put your heaters on full power before you can drive. Several minutes of idling and with the fan on maximum power mean increased fuel usage.

Sure, you could just drive around with all the windows down. And you could even wipe your windscreen clear as you drive. But, that’s just an uncomfortable and dangerous thing to do to save money! Instead, there’s a cheaper and easier solution: buy some Rain-X Anti-Fog repellant!

It only costs a few quid and stops your interior windows from fogging up. Also, when it starts getting icy outside, consider covering your windscreen’s exterior with something. That way, you won’t need to de-ice it before you can drive. Even something as simple as a long piece of cardboard will do!

Work near a large town or city? Use a park and ride system!

Last, but not least, let’s say that you commute to a place located in a large town or city. Driving to work each day may mean getting stuck in traffic. In some locations like London, you might even need to pay a congestion zone charge. And let’s not forget the cost of parking permits and tickets!

A cheaper way to travel is to drive only part of the way to work. If your destination has a park and ride system, consider using that instead. It’ll save you a great deal on your commuting costs.

Thanks for reading!