Expecting? Check Out Our Essential Checklist

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If you are due to have your baby this winter, then your shopping list may still be pretty big! While friends and family may be helping you out at your baby shower, there will still be a list as long as Santa’s to get through. Fortunately, we’ve collated the essentials into a handy checklist to help you get ready for your happy delivery. Here are the top seven things to buy before your baby arrives:

  1. Maternity Bra – This seems to be one of the things that gets put off most. Maybe it’s because we can’t work out what size we’ll need! When your milk comes in, approximately two days after birth, you will be glad to have one. Regular bras are very awkward to work if you are nursing, and if they’re underwired, they may cause harm to your chest.
  2. Nappies – You may feel that you should leave this until just after the birth, but don’t expect the hospital to offer you any freebies. Newborn nappies do come in several sizes. By your final scan, you should have a good idea of your baby’s birth weight so buy for that. Your first nappy change could be just a few hours after the birth, so get at least one pack in ready.



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  1. Pushchair – Even though you won’t need this until you leave the hospital, it’s worth buying it now. It’s not fun trying to figure out how to put it all together out of the box when you’re sleep deprived and sore! These can be bought online along with everything else you may need for your little one. It saves you the time and trouble of searching the high street.
  2. Moses Basket – Many mums prefer to use one of these exclusively for the first few weeks. It also gives you time to decorate the nursery and buy a cot bed after the birth. That can be ideal if you’ve had a tough pregnancy! A Moses basket on a rocker frame can be placed next to your bed, and then moved downstairs each morning for daytime naps. The rocking motion is also ideal if your little one has trouble falling asleep at all.
  3. Bottles And Sterilizers – You can’t do all the feeding on your own all the time. There will be those occasions when you just need a break. You might be sore, or Daddy might want some time with the little one. Express your milk into bottles so everyone can bond with your baby.


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  1. Cotton Wool – A baby’s skin is too fragile for baby wipes at first. All cleaning needs to be done with warm water and gentle cotton wool. And there will be a lot of cleaning to do in those early days!


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  1. Car Seat – Some maternity wards are hot on this one. They will want to see the car seat before discharging you! You absolutely must have one of these ready to go by the time you deliver. Most fit into a permanently installed bracket in your car. They simply pop in and out securely so you can carry the baby around.

There are a lot of things to buy and prepare before baby’s big day. Most of what you need can be bought online, making life a little easier when you’re feeling big. Congratulations on your new arrival.