Easy Ways To Get Your Kids Interested In Sport

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Being active is important for kids, it helps them to stay in shape and teaches them about the bonds sports can give them. There’s something about being in a team that every child should experience. It’s that connection, that bond that as teammates you have. The problem is that lots of kids just aren’t interested in sports, they’d rather play FIFA on their games console than play football as part of a team.


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As a parent, it’s your job to encourage them to try out new activities and find a sport that they love. A task that may seem a little difficult I know. However, if you take the tips and tricks below on board, you can make it a lot easier to get your little ones interested in sports.

Take them to see a match

One of the best ways to pique your child’s interest when it comes to sports is by taking them to see a match. If there’s a sport that you think they would be good at, buy tickets to watch your local team. The chances are, if they enjoy watching their local team play, they’ll start to think differently about playing. Sometimes, kids just need a little encouragement when it comes to sports, and taking them to see a match could be the perfect way to give them it.

Help them practice their skills

If you think that there’s a sport your child would love, take them to the park to practice their skills. Often, when it comes to joining a sports team, it’s a confidence thing. Kids get worried that they’re not good enough to get involved in certain sports and so choose to sit on the sidelines. However, if you take them to practice their skills, their confidence will grow, and they’ll feel more comfortable joining a team.

Talk about the reasons to join a team

Sit down with your little one and tell them all the good things about being part of sports team. Explain to them how they’ll meet new people and make new friends, as well as how they’ll learn new skills. Not to mention the fact that playing in a sports team will help to keep them healthy and in shape. Tell them about sports tournaments and how if they play well they could win medals and trophies. There are so many reasons to join a sports team; it’s just about finding the ones that appeal to your kid.

Help them find the perfect sport

One thing that could be putting your child off joining a sports team is the fact they don’t know what sport is best for them. There are so many sports to choose from; it’s just a case of helping your child find the perfect one for them. Take into account their likes and dislikes – are they someone who likes playing rough or would non-contact sports be a better option? Think about their skills, such as whether they have good ball control or whether batting is more their thing. It might take a big of trial and error, but you can find the perfect sport for your child.

Take the tips and ideas above on board and you can help to encourage your kids to be more interested in sports.