Downright Essential Tech Products For Chaotic Families

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Almost every day we hear about some new device or technology that is going to revolutionize the world. Big brands are currently in a running race, trying to surpass all of the rest of the brands in their segment and offer consumers something that they can’t resist.

Many of these new technologies are nice to have, but they don’t really help families in a meaningful way. But some techs are so good and so useful that they just have to have an airing. ┬áHere are some downright essential technology products for chaotic families.

5-Port USB Charging Station

You know what it’s like to have a house that overrun with gadgets if you have a large family. What’s more, you’ll also know what it’s like to have practically every plug socket taking up charging up somebody’s smartphone phablet or tablet. But now a company has developed what they are calling a 5-port USB charging station – a gadget that allows you to charge up to five devices all at once. There’s also a version that provides seven slots if you happen to have even more smartphones and tablets in your family.

Being able to charge all of your devices from one charging station means that you don’t have to use up so many sockets or use so many multi-plug adaptors. In addition to this, the 5 port USB charging station also lines up all of your gadgets so that they look tidy and neat. So it’s a great add-on for any parents who value a tidy home.

Connected Speaker For The Kitchen

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With the rise of Bluetooth technology, it is becoming easier and easier to install sound systems all around the house. It turns out that people want sound systems in the kitchen while they are eating breakfast and doing chores. One company called Triby wants to take Bluetooth systems in the kitchen to a new level. They have built an app that allows your phone to connect to your Bluetooth speaker enabling you to take calls, play music, and listen to radio stations of your choice, all through the power of your smartphone. This is a great product for busy parents who want to take calls on the go but don’t want to have to hold a phone up to their ear. It’s also good for kids who want to listen to some music before heading off to school.

Touchscreen Security

It seems as if screens, especially touch screens, are going to become an integral part of the connected Smart home. Your home alarm system will never be the same thanks to these integrated touch screen devices. Modern home security systems do more than just detect Intruders. They also include things like fire and carbon monoxide protection, geo-services, and updates on the weather.

As homes become smarter and more connected, we are going to see more security features being used in new builds and also retrofitted to older homes. The Internet of things promises an ecosystem of new home security devices, including both cameras and sensors.