Don’t You Just Hate Boring Commutes?

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Who doesn’t, right? Imagine trying to get anywhere in London during rush hour. Transport is packed, the roads are slow, and you’re going to be squashed into the tiny underground trains while desperately holding your breath because the person next to you as their armpits in your face from holding onto the overhead supports. Sound pleasant? Of course it doesn’t.

But what’s worse than these crowded commutes are long ones that really feel like a waste of time. You’ll sit on a train twiddling your thumbs as you stare outside the window with nothing to do. However, there are always ways to get productive and do something useful even if you’re stuck on a packed train or bus, and here are just a few ideas.

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Play some games

What better way to pass the time than fiddle with your phone and play some video games? You could play something casual such as Candy Crush, or if you prefer a game that will last for a much longer time then try Game of War, one of the most popular strategy games for smartphones.

If these typical smartphone games don’t interest you, then you could always do some more mature gaming such as playing on SkyBet mobile. You can play classic casino games and poker from the comfort of your phone, and you don’t even need to spend money if you prefer to just play for fun. There’s a whole host of smartphones games that are targeted towards adults, so be sure to take a look on your mobile phone’s app store.

Listen to something

The classic way to get around boring commutes. Simply get a nice pair of headphones (or earphones if you want to be discreet) and plug them in while you listen to your favourite songs. With a subscription to a service such as Amazon Music or Spotify (and a decent internet connection with plenty of data), you could carry a huge music collection with you on your phone and you don’t even need to download a single song, thus saving you space on your phone.

In addition to music, you could also get an audio book. These are fantastic for learning new skills or simply just enjoying a novel. Reading can be fairly difficult on a train and some people are prone to getting sick if they try to read in motion. This makes audio books a fantastic choice for long commutes, and you’ll even have something to look forward to as you finish work.

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Be productive

Many companies allow their members of staff to work from home or on mobile devices thanks to cloud computing. If you carry a small laptop in your bag, a tablet device or even a phone, then consider getting some extra work done as you commute so that it lightens your workload when you eventually arrive at the office.

This obviously depends on the type of work you do and it’s not an option that’s available to anyone, but with a bit of creativity, you could turn boring commutes into extra working time so you don’t have to worry about it when you get home.