Don’t Let Tech Mess Up With Your Decisions

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Technology, as it has often been claimed could be our saviour. Without it, many people would struggle with difficult, if not almost impossible tasks, that can now be executed at the click of a button. You click, and the machine does it for you. In a way, technology makes your life easier. But as many have claimed in the past, technology has a dangerous side too. It’s no wonder sci-fi authors have chosen to represent tech gadgets as ruling humanity in future: we rely on digital devices on a daily basis. You are even reading this on a digital gadget, so it’s fair to say that digital technology surrounds us. In fact, it wouldn’t be an issue if there were no alarming signs that technology can take decisions on your behalf. While we don’t live at an age where artificial intelligence is decisively managing either the political sphere or the workplace, it would be unfair to ignore the impact of technology on your life.

Shopping on the go

I click and buy

Ecommerce has been a revelation for busy individuals who can now just click to make their urgent purchases. However, if you thought you had your ecommerce frenzy under control, you need to think again. On average you are only aware of half of the purchases you make online. As a result, it’s easy for online shoppers to overspend, without even noticing it. When you only need a click to commit to purchasing, decisions can be taken faster than the mind registers. So, instead of using technology to spend money, it would be more meaningful to use it as a way to use tools, such as this auto loan payoff calculator that lets you manage your purchase in the long term. It’s a good idea to replace your ecommerce apps with a budgeting app to keep track of expenses.

I click, I can’t sleep

Using your phone at night can affect your sleep. In fact, the light of the screen can trick your brain into thinking it’s still day, and consequently you can experience trouble sleeping. The blue light of the screen decreases the production of melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for regulating your sleep-wake cycle. Instead of putting your sleep at risk, you could turn toward a more helpful kind of technology that is guaranteed to help you fall asleep. You can wear a sensor headband that measures brain activity and help you to handle stress more efficiently through meditation exercises. iPhones have an Apple Night Shift features that reduce the blue light at night and changes the screen dynamically to induce sleep habits.

I click, you control

Despite the marketing and viral potential of social media, it’s fair to say that your favourite platforms can be affecting your mental health dramatically. Indeed, scientists believe that social media can create a peer pressure phenomenon for teenagers. The desperate chase for likes and followers is more than an attempt to gain popularity. It’s about social acceptance and integration for young people. By using social media, teenagers give others control over their decisions and behaviours. Maybe it’s time for a detox!

Social media apps

In conclusion, technology can mess up with your decision-making process. It’s essential to use tech for good, such as empowering yourself for financial decisions, sleep cycles and social integration.