Does Your Little One Suffer From Allergies? Let’s Make Their Life Easier

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It can be quite concerning when you find that your little one suffers from something like hay fever allergies. Or, perhaps, they have a condition such as asthma. When they get diagnosed with an issue like this, you will constantly be worrying about their environment. You’ll be trying to reduce the discomfort they feel and will be desperate to look after their health. Well, there are ways to do this and, as is so often the case, you can start at home.


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Spick And Span

Typically, if your child has allergies or asthma, dust particles in the air and on the surface of objects will make it worse. Therefore, it makes sense to keep your home as clean as possible. I strongly suggest that you aim to hoover and polish once a week. You may want to do it more often if you have a pet as these tend to cause increased buildup of dirt and dust on the carpet.

You need to be careful with what cleaning solutions you use as well. You will find that some cleaning solutions can make their allergies worse. You should check the ingredients and look for any warnings on the solutions about allergies.

It’s not just your home that you need to be careful about cleaning either. You should also check what detergent you’re using for the washing. Don’t forget, you’ll be washing the clothes that your little one wears every day. It’s important that there aren’t any nasty chemicals or dust mites that make their allergies worse.

Sleep Tight

You might find that your little one’s allergies have flared up when they awake in the early hours. This often occurs because approximately ten percent of your pillow’s weight is often made up of dust mite faeces. It’s not quite as disgusting as it sounds, but it certainly isn’t good. That’s why you should be washing all the sheets and pillow cases in your home every couple of weeks. You might also want to consider buying quilted pillow protectors. This will stop dust building up on pillows and help reduce allergens around your child at night.

Careful of Mould

You might think that your home doesn’t have an issue with mould, but are you sure about that? Check the windows in your home and pay particular attention to the ones in your child’s room. Is there any black muck around the window frame? Unfortunately, that’s not a natural buildup of dirt, it’s mould. It may not look too serious, but it’s releasing spores into the air and making your child’s allergies worse. To avoid this, clean off the mould with some bleach, Mould is caused by cold air meeting warm air in the home. You need to open windows more often and keep air circulating in the home.

Flowers And Pollen

Finally, you might want to avoid filling your home with flowers. Pollen can make allergies a lot worse and can even cause asthma to worsen. Flowers may look beautiful in the home, but if your child has allergies, it’s best to leave them in the garden.


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