Does High Tech Have A Home In The Bedroom?

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These days, a lot of us are keeping in touch and up to date on mobile devices. Smartphones, tablets and laptops mean we are contactable twenty-four hours a day if we choose to be. There are times when I catch myself responding to emails in bed. And I know plenty of people who are busy on their FaceBook pages with their head rested on a pillow.

So what is the cut-off when it comes to technology in the bedroom? TV, phones, games consoles and more can be found in a typical bedroom these days. Is there really any harm, and are there any benefits? I know there are some people who feel under pressure to respond to work queries in the middle of the night. And I know there are some people that make their bedrooms a no-go zone for all technologies. But is there a middle ground?

Swedish scientists have confirmed that the blue light from screens is affecting our melatonin levels. This is the hormone responsible for us falling asleep. It is particularly harmful to young adults. Most worryingly, it is thought to be a cause of depression in both men and women. And as parents, we all know how grumpy the kids are when they’ve stayed up late on their devices.

Does High Tech Have A Home In The Bedroom

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It would seem that the best way to get some cognitive rest is to put down the devices and do something less stimulating instead. To ensure a good night of sleep, don’t use your devices in bed. For all those gamers, this could be bad news as so many people like to have a quick couple of rounds to fall asleep to. Then there are all those who fall asleep to the TV. If you really can’t do without your favourite tech, then there are still some other things to try.

Start with checking your bed. It should be less than ten years old and big enough not to bump into any bedmates during the night. You can try one of the John Ryan By Design King size mattresses to see if a bigger bed can help your sleep. Choose quality bedding and sheets that feel good against the skin. And make sure any nightwear doesn’t ruck up or make you sweat. Your bed should be the most comfortable place in the world for you, so buy a good quality one.

The bedroom should be dark, cool and quiet. Some people use the TV to drown out traffic noise. Blockout blinds and double glazing should help here. You could use a lamp to raise the light levels in the morning. They have a similar device for the kiddies too, that helps them know when it is an appropriate time to get up. Finally, keep your room tidy. You want your mind to calm and relax as you get into bed.

With the right bed and a good bedroom environment you should be able to sleep soundly. Your technology may hinder how quickly you fall asleep, but at least your bed will help you reach the best quality of sleep you can. Sweet dreams.