Do Valentine’s Day Like A Boss


I know, I know, Valentine’s Day is another day of commercialised nonsense. Let’s face it, though, women love it. You could quite happily do without the day, but going the extra mile will make your significant other smile. If you’re still unconvinced, take a second to consider the hassle that’ll be coming your way if you get it wrong.


Gaining success on Valentine’s Day isn’t difficult. It does require a little effort, but your lover is worth it. Besides, it’s bound to score you brownie points ahead of the following weekend’s night out with the lads.

It’s a Sunday anyway, so what have you got to lose.

It’s The Thought That Counts

As a man, no greetings card you’ve ever received has carried any value unless there was money inside. But it does show that you care and is something that most women tend to appreciate.

Rather than buying a card from the local shop, go one step further. Design a personalised card online, and your partner will be smitten. Complete the job with a few loving words and you cannot go wrong.

It saves you the hassle of browsing a packed card shop too.

Be Romantic

Sentimental and loving presents are a little lost on you. However, this is a day for romance. You should look to embrace it, even if it’s only for the sake of your partner.

There’s no better way to do this than with a bouquet of red roses. This is the symbol of Valentine’s Day, and treating her to a well-crafted bunch will go a long way to making her smile throughout the day.

Just be prepared to get tagged in some soppy FaceBook statuses. Don’t worry, the other lads are bound to fall victim too.



Give Her The Gift Of Time

It’s become customary to give your partner a gift to celebrate the day and your love. A small sentimental gift should be romantic. Visit one of the various online retailers, and you should have no problems sourcing an ideal solution.

Regarding the main present, it can be tempting to buy shoes or perfume. Feel free to do that too. However, your guaranteed winning option is to treat her to a romantic day out. This could mean buying theatre tickets or going to her favourite local attraction. Either way, it gives her something to look forward to and also shows your commitment to spending time together.

That’s more valuable to her than any watch or dress.

Go For A Walk

A romantic winter walk is a wonderful way for couples to spend a chilled Sunday afternoon. On this day, though, you can make it even better by revisiting your first date or visiting a place that carries sentimental value.

Alternatively, you could go ice skating to get love burning. The activity will also release endorphins to get your positive emotions flowing. This can be a key element in making this the best Valentine’s Day ever.

Apart from anything else, this break in the day will keep the day fresh and exciting.

Cook A Meal

Don’t try to kid yourself, February 14th is her day. Make it a relaxed day for her by doing the chores and letting her enjoy the romantic vibes. Quite frankly, one of the best things you can do to show your love is to cook her a loving meal from scratch.


The internet is packed with various romantic recipes. You know what food she loves, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a winning solution. Even if you aren’t skilled in this department, these kitchen gadgets should help you create the desired result.

As for the washing up, get up a little earlier on Monday morning. Unless you’ve got a dishwasher. Either way, you shouldn’t expect her to take care of it.

Set The Mood

Those gestures of a meal or a romantic night will work wonders, but you can take those vibes to a whole new level with a few simple tricks. Don’t be afraid to embrace them by setting the mood.

Laying the table in a romantic way is easy. Buy a red tablecloth and use some candles. Simple. Meanwhile, you can sprinkle a few rose petals to inject a little extra love. Those ideas can create a romantic bedroom vibe too.

Above all else, you should try to treat it like a proper date. Don’t just sit around in your pyjamas. Dress up and treat it like a real date, and you should find that you both gain far more enjoyment from it.