Digital Explorer – Using Technology As You Travel

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We sure do love to travel. But why?

Well, travel at its base purpose is a means to an end. It’s going from A to B. It is about getting to your destination and that could mean anything from hopping on a bus to work, to taking an all-expenses paid trip to the Bahamas.


Travel is a get-away. We can travel to find new challenges, broaden our horizons, learn, discover an appreciation for life, or even just use it as an excuse to take a break from the strains of working life.

Now, technology can help us do everything better. From exercising, to shopping, to working – it’s highly likely that an app, device or piece of software exists that can make processes more efficient.

That applies to travel too. Unless you’re extremely fond of your local travel agent, then it’s pretty likely you’ve used technology to travel before. It’s an obvious answer but websites can help us find better deals than ever to get away. There are loads of options for holidays and nearly all of them rely on the internet to be discovered. Your next vacation could just be a click away.

Your phone is called a smartphone for a reason and the true potential of these devices are now being realized. Now you’ve booked your plane tickets and had the confirmation emailed to you, your phone will not only remind you of the time of your departure, it can even lead you to the terminal and act as your boarding pass. Nifty!


Once you’ve arrived in your new and unfamiliar locale, you’ll want to get around. Remember your phone? Well – applications like Google Maps can not only help point you in the right direction, they can offer you a tour and show you the best places to drink and eat based on consumer reviews.

Of course, doing all of this is going to take a lot out of your devices. Batteries are only finite things and will run out at some point (ideally not when you’re six regional-speciality cocktails deep). Keep your devices charged so this doesn’t happen. Thankfully, this being the 21st century – there are plenty of options should your device run out of juice. Charge stations are planted around most modern cities and can give your device the power it needs to guide you home, or even continue your night out. There are apps that can help you locate charging points, so be sure to find them before your device dies out.

Technology is doing a lot for us right now. From distracting us on our long-haul plane flights to directing us to new and exciting locales – there’s plenty your device can do for you while you are abroad and that can only expand when there are new developments. Keep your ear to the ground and find out what exciting possibilities tech can unlock for you on your next and holiday!