Date Night Cooking: Five Of The Best Marinades To Up Your Steak Game

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Date nights. We get told that these are essential to a lasting relationship. Especially when there are children involved. But, more often than not, getting a babysitter so you can leave your home can be quite difficult. So a lot of the time a date night will be spent at home. There is nothing wrong with that. These can be some of the best nights. Switching the TV and your phones off. Sitting down to a nice cooked dinner. Something you may not cook often. Enjoying a glass of wine or a beer in each other’s company. Having an actual conversation. Sure this will be mostly about your children or work. But it’s your time. It’s special. It got me thinking about a meal you might cook. Steak is always seen as a treat to some people. So I thought I would share with you five marinades that will blow your partner’s mind. Making it the best date night so far.

Best Steak Marinades

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Salt and Pepper rub

It’s a bit of a classic but i don’t think you can go wrong with using the basic seasonings on a steak. Grind some black peppercorns and rock salt into a bowl and add some olive oil. Glaze the steak and rub in as best you can. Try not to be too heavy- handed with the oil. You want the salt and pepper to be the star. Cook to your liking as you would normally.

A chilli kick

Some people like a bit of heat. So why not consider a chilli sauce marinade for the steak. There is the Dorset Naga Chilli sauce that can add a real punch. Glaze your steak and allow to marinade for as long as you can. Overnight if possible but at least for an hour. Then cook as you would like. Voila! A steak with a chilli kick.

Something from the Mediterranean

If you want a milder flavour that still packs a punch, then this herby delight will be for you. A mixture of oregano, rosemary, cumin and cinnamon added to a bit of olive oil will create a lovely marinade. Rub well into your steak and again leave for as long as possible for the favour to be soaked up.

An Asian delight

If you would like to take your sense to the east then why not consider an Asian-inspired marinade for your steak. Five spice can add to the flavour of the steak. Add the spice to soy sauce, onion and cayenne pepper and rub into your meat. Leave to marinade and then you are good to go.

A Cajun twist

Finally, the last suggestion would be adding a bit of Cajun spice to your steak. This could be a rub or a liquid marinade. Either rub the spice directly into the meat and cook. Or add the spice to some olive oil and glaze that way. Leaving the marinade on for as long as possible. A Cajun spice can give a real smokey flavour.

I hope this inspires you to up your game when it comes to cooking something like a steak for date night. Don’t forget that these marinades could be used for chicken, vegetable or fish. So there is no excuse to create an awesome dish.