Cute Valentine’s Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

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Spending Valentine’s day with the one you love doesn’t have to be all about spending lots of money. Sure, you could go out to a fancy restaurant and buy some expensive jewellery, but that isn’t what the day is all about. Although I believe you should make an effort with your partner every day of the year, there are still a few cute things you can do on Valentine’s day. Here are some ideas that won’t break the bank!

Make Them a Present

Too many people go out and buy chocolates and stuffed toys without thinking about it on Valentine’s day. Nobody really puts any thought into their gifts any more. If you want to show your loved one that you’re putting thought into the gift you’re buying them, you could make them a present. Making them a present is great if you’re crafty somehow. It could be anything, from a carved wooden figure to an item of jewellery. It doesn’t even need to be fancy. All that matters is you tried to give them something different!

Send Them a Video Valentine’s Card

Sending a cute video Valentine’s card with Videogram won’t break the bank, and it’s much better than a regular card. Do something different for them this year!

Cook Them a Special Meal

Rather than going out to eat and having somebody else cook for you, cook a special meal for your other half this Valentine’s day. There are loads of really easy recipes online, so you don’t have any excuse if you’re not a cook. You could even take it in turns to do different dishes if you both want to get involved. You’ll still have full bellies but you’ll save a fortune on eating out!



Have a Picnic

Why not have a picnic on Valentine’s day? Depending on where you are in the world, you could head out somewhere pretty and pack all of your favourite foods. You could even take wine or something nice to drink! If the weather is a little cold for that kind of thing, you could always have an indoor picnic. It’s just as fun!

Pamper Your Other Half

Treat your other half to a pamper. Give them a massage, run them a bath, etc. Make them feel like they have their own spa therapist on hand. They might do the same for you!

Go to a Free Museum

If you’re the kind of couple who loves exploring and different cultures, going to a free museum might be right up your street. There are lots of museums that offer free entry on different days, so do your research to find the best one for you.

There’s no need to panic about Valentine’s day when you have all of these budget ideas up your sleeve. Make sure you discuss with your partner so they know what to expect – you don’t want them to buy you an extravagant gift if you’re not going to be able to offer something similar. Or maybe you do…either way, these ideas are very cost effective. Leave some of your own below. Bye for now!