Cool ways to get around London

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Don’t be too quick to wipe the sweat off your brow, parents. The summer holidays might be over, but before you know if, half-term will be upon us…

Barclays London Bikes

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If you want to treat them to something, you can’t go far wrong with a trip around the capital. There’s so much going on in the capital. In fact, the problem is not figuring out what to do, but what not to do. That said, keep it simple and make it about maximising your experiences.

As novel as the London transport system may be to out-of-towners, the tube multiples in stressfulness for every child in your trail! Lucky there’s now more ways to make travel in the city part of the fun itself, cutting the stress and filling the time on your day out.

Check out some of these weird and wonderful ways of getting from A to B.


These old-fashioned oriental taxis are fun to hop on and off. Not only that, but rickshaws are cheap, efficient, and environmentally friendly: A sure sign they will take off in a couple of years. In the meantime, don’t worry if you feel overly-regal and a little bad for the drivers. They are all perfectly charming, and are usually partly in it for the exercise!

Boris Bikes

“Don’t call them Boris Bikes!” insist some of my London friends. But the name is ubiquitous with the pay-per-hour bikes you can take and park up at various areas of the city. If your kids are a little young, or not used to riding in a big city, it helps to stay around park areas. Riding in rush hour is also to be avoided for unseasoned cyclists.

Tuk Tuks

Another curious gift from the east. Tuk tuks are popular in India and South East Asia and are part motorcycle, part something else. In London, you mostly have to book in advance to use them, and your use might be restricted to certain areas. At least for now, as they are a truly fun way to get around!

Taxi Boat

Londoners are taking to the water! If you are travelling from Embankment, Bankside, or Millbank. In fact, anywhere whose tube station has the word “bank” in it, then you are in luck. Travelling with the beauty of the city of London on either side of you is a great way to commute anywhere.

Cycling Around London

Pic by Geograph

Penny Farthing

These classic, crazy old bikes can be hired in several suburbs of the city. They have a touch of class about them, and are a unique experience. As for all kinds of bike-riding in the city though, safety first. London has gotten much more bike-friendly in recent years, but it is still a big city with a heavy traffic problem.


I saw two teenagers casually riding down the middle of the street a few days ago and was dumbstruck. Apparently the craze started with Justin Bieber and host of other celebrities who decided to quit walking analogue on mass. It is still pricey piece of kit, and I’m still not convinced it won’t go the way of the Segway. But I want one.