Cool Ideas to Keep the Kids Active in the Summer Holidays

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The 6 weeks or so summer holidays from school are soon to start, and you know that just a short time into them you will hear those immortal words ‘I’m bored’. To a child, 6 weeks seems a very long time, but just imagine how the parents in countries like Australia and Spain manage with a 10 or 11 week summer holiday.

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Most of them will have digital devices to play on but even that can get a bit much day after day. Have you thought about what you could do to keep them more active through this year’s summer holiday?

Theme Parks

The UK has no shortage of theme parks to travel to, and although it is not the sort of thing to do every day, it can give them something to look forward to. It may seem a bit costly for a family day out so register with them online and look out for their special offers. They all have them from time to time and you may be surprised how much they can save you.

Local Parks

Take them to a local park with a bat and ball or a football and let them run wild for a few hours. A picnic midday will help keep them happy and you can just relax watching them have fun.

Adventure Breaks

If you really want to fire up their imagination tell them they are going on an adventure break. This is one of the best holiday activities for kids who are energetic, adventurous and need to be fully engaged throughout the day. Just a couple of days at kayaking swimming, hiking or whatever, will have them worn out for a week. There are activities for children from 6 years upward, and with the huge choice of things for them to do they will have no chance of being bored.


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Let them help you decorate their bedroom. Their painting might not be perfect and there may be some bits on the glass, but it is something different for them to do and could easily take a few days.

They will be very proud of what they achieve and it can be an encouragement for them to keep their own room tidy after they have spent the time decorating it in a way they want.


If you have public baths not too far away, take the kids swimming. They love to play in water, and most baths have a pool for the younger children to go in. It is even better if they can learn to swim. They will have to be able to do this as they progress through school, and it can only be an advantage to them if they have already been taught.

Special Events and Carnivals

All through the summer there will be festivals, special events and carnivals across the country. Many of them are free of any charge, and for those that do charge it is not generally a huge amount. Carnivals can be great fun, and with festivals in local parks and streets, you could keep them busy for quite a few of the days.

Have fun!