Considering Relocating to Canada? Check This Out

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Canada is an incredible place. Sure, you could say that about a lot of places. But there are a lot of things about Canada that attracts people who aren’t too happy with how things are run back home. Think about their education systems, medical programs, and even their awesome prime minister. All of this – and more – gets many Americans envious. Some even pack their bags and relocate to the land of their Northern neighbor.

Relocating to Canada


But we speak about this as though relocating to Canada is the simplest process in the world. A lot of people certainly seem to think it is. But just because Canada is the country next door, it doesn’t mean that you can just up and move out there tomorrow. There are a lot of things you need to consider first.

Relocate to Canada


Have you actually been to Canada?

Yes, I know you want to meet Justin Trudeau. We all do. And I know you love the accent, and how friendly the culture seems, and how varied the landscape is. But have you ever actually been to Canada? Try visiting the place before you take such a big step! If you’ve got any friends out there, as Americans often do, see if you can visit them for a week or two. Get a feel for the land and the way of life. Read up on the entry requirements at

What city are you heading to?

You can’t just say you’re going to Canada. Canada is pretty darn big, after all! It’s not just some homogenous mass in which everyone fits the stereotypical image of a Canadian you often see in American media. The entire country is replete with great and iconic cities. There’s Toronto, which these days everyone just seems to know as the birthplace of Drake. There’s Montreal, where the official language is French. There’s Vancouver if you need a city with a strong New York City feel. Check out the quality of life ratings of Canadian residences at

A New Life in Canada


Considering your career

You may have desires to live in Canada. But you need to think deeply about your desire to work in Canada. After all, much of our lives is work! The best way to do this is to get a relocation within your current career path. This isn’t too feasible for everyone though, of course. If you get stuck, you could always look at doing some freelance work from a remote location. But it’s really better to have a job ready for you by the time you arrive. Of course, if you’re looking for a retirement location, then you probably won’t need to worry about this too much. Find out about some ideal retirement locations in Canada at

Wrap up

Yeah, I know you know Canada is cold. I remember thinking I knew that New York City winters would be cold and still managing to come along unprepared when I visited. That’s because I underestimated the cold, just as I’m sure you’re doing now if you’ve never been in Canada. So, y’know, don’t underestimate the cold. It’s not torturous, but you need to be prepared. Read more at