Christmas Shopping: What to Get the Dads in Your Life

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When it comes to doing the Christmas shopping, you might have specific people on your list to buy for. You might buy for your parents, and your partner will buy for their parents, for example. Just one of you might take charge of the shopping, or you might mix up the responsibilities. However you choose to do it, it needs to get done. It is deciding what to get everyone that can be the tricky part. So if you have the assignment for buying for ‘the dads’ this year, then here are some ideas for you. There is something out there for everyone.



For the Young Dad

If you are buying on behalf of the kids, or for a partner that is younger, then where to start? I think gifts based around technology are a great idea for a younger dad. When they ever get some time out, they might want to play on a games console or relax with an e-reader. If you have got a bit more to spend, then something like an Apple watch would be amazing. Perfect for a busy dad that is always on the go.

For the Sporty Dad

If the dad you are buying for loves his sport, then there are plenty of options. You could get them new sports equipment, like a new tennis racquet or football, depending on their chosen activity. Sports clothing or something to wear at the gym is always a good idea too. If you know their shoe size, then new trainers or hiking boots would be a good choice too. If you are feeling extravagant, then the gift could be tickets to a match or even season tickets. That is if they don’t already go to every game there is!



For the Trendy Dad

If the dad you are buying for loves to look stylish, then naturally you would think of clothing to give to them. Though a mens sweatshirt would be a good idea, there are plenty of other choices too. Accessories often make better gifts, as they are more versatile. If you aren’t sure of their style 100%, then stick with accessories. It could be a new leather man bag, a belt or a winter scarf. If they dress up for work, then a skinny tie and some funky cufflinks could be a good idea too.

For the Older Dad

If your dad is a little older, then you pretty much know what they do or don’t enjoy. So I always think that something like a hamper would work well. There are many out there that you can buy. They are filled with yummy treats and goodies. If you are feeling a little more creative, then you could always make your own. Getting a basket can be quite cheap. Then you just fill it with lots of different things that they love. Think of their favourite tipple, favourite sweet thing, books or movies; anything that you know they like. You can spend as much or as little as you would like, which makes it a great option too.