Can Sports Help You Reconnect As A Family?

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Do you feel like the kids are slipping away from you? As children get older it can be difficult to discover common ground where you can all relate and spend time together as a family. Have you ever thought that sports might be the answer. If your older kids are constantly glued to their phones and spending less time with you or giving you less of their attention, sports could be your ultimate secret weapon. Let’s look at why this is and how sports can help you and your kids reconnect.

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There’s No I In Team

We don’t want to say that you’re forced to connect when you play sports together as a family. But, it’s not that far from the truth and when you play sports you really need to make sure that you form one shared mindset, if you want to win. This is true for every type of family sport you can imagine from a great game of footy to a night down at the bowling alley. There’s also the big benefit that kids often get wrapped up in the moment and probably will put their phone down as they strive for a win. This is true whether you are competing against one another or playing together.

It’s important to recognize that you can get similar positive effects by watching a sporting event together, particularly when you head down to an arena and enjoy it in person. The atmosphere here is intoxicating and at the very least it will be a fantastic day out.

Finding The Right Sport For You

If you decide to try sports as a way to reconnect you need to make sure that you find the right option that suits all your family members. This can be quite tricky as we’re all different with various likes and needs. So, while you might adore golf, your son could love basketball. The trick is to find a common sport that you can both enjoy or taking turns experiencing different sports together and discovering new possibilities. You can use a team sport finder and explore the possibilities of playing together as a family or potentially just watching an event.

Great For Your Health

You might be worried about how much time your kids are staying indoors or you could even be concerned about their diet. Playing sports is a great way to get them back on the right track while enjoying time together as a family. This could be as simple as going hillwalking or perhaps taking a trip down to the gym. It doesn’t actually need to be a full based game and could be as simple as sharing exercise time together. Studies show that exercise doesn’t just benefit your body but that it also benefits your mind.

We hope you take this advice on board and discover whether sports could be the secret to bringing your family back together. It’s certainly going to be more beneficial than other family activities like heading to the cinema and sitting in silence staring at a screen for two plus hours.