Can Busy Couples Take Care of a Child?

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Bringing up a child is no easy feat. You have to take care of them at all times, take them out to experience things, bring them back from school, help them with homework… the list goes on! Fortunately, there are many ways that you can reduce the load and remove some of the stress that comes with having a child and bringing them up.

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Balancing work and family can be difficult, especially if you are making good progress on your career choice. In the past, it was typical for the mother to stay at home and sacrifice their career choices just to look after their child while the father went out to make money and provide. However, social stereotypes are changing and there are now couples that both work full-time jobs yet they are still able to take good care of their children. How is this achieved? Read on to find out!


The right type of childcare can turn your life into a treat. Childcare usually comes in the form of professional services, but they can be quite costly and you’re not guaranteed to get a tailor-made service for your child. The best way to go about childcare is to have a friend or family member look after your children while they are away, however, this isn’t always possible. You might find professional services to be a bit too formal and as a result, your child might just be treated like work rather than like a human. Make sure that you monitor your child carer and ask your child if they like the carer, or alternatively have frequent conversations with your carer to see if they are having a good time with your child or not.

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Parental Leave

There aren’t many parents that understand working rights and, as a result, they often forget that they are entitled to parental leave. Employers will sometimes notify their members of staff about this, but in most cases, they don’t want to lose a worker for a significant period of time and might neglect to tell you that you have this option. By law, a mother must take at least two weeks of time off work for maternity leave and four weeks in certain jobs like factory working. After this quota is met, the mother can take up to an additional 50 weeks off work to look after their child, but this can actually be spread between the father and the mother. As long as you notify your employer within a year of your child being born, you will be entitled to this service.

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Make the Most of Time Off

With both parents busy and the child being put into the care of family members or carers, there’s very little time you can spend together which is why you have to make the most of it. Take your child to see sights around town, take them on holiday when given the opportunity, and spend your evenings together with your partner as you take care of your child together. Even if you both have busy lifestyles, it’s important to cherish the moments that you can spend together with your family.