Bring The Future Home Today!

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Do you ever see a piece of technology in a film or TV and think just how amazing it would be to get to experience it for yourself? Of course, you have! We’ve all had those moments where you see some amazing futuristic idea, and you just wish that it could be real. From hoverboards to virtual reality, people have been coming up with fascinating ideas for what the future will be like for as long as stories have existed. Of course, the amazing thing about the modern era is that thanks to some truly incredible technological advances, many of these ideas have actually made their way into a lot of people’s everyday lives. Sure, there are still plenty of things that exist purely in the realm of science fiction, after all, it’s unlikely that we’ll have anything like teleportation for quite some time, but other things have become not only possible but even commonplace. Here are just a few ways in which modern technology has brought us into the future in some pretty remarkable ways.

The automated home

We’ve all seen those movies where someone walks into a room and with little more than a word they are able to get everything in their home working all at once. Well, as incredible and unrealistic as they may have seemed for many years, it’s something that is now possible for just about everyone. There are a lot of different ways in which people are now able to automate their homes. Companies like Steven Docker Associates often include assistive technology like CCTV and TV and Audio system control as a part of any homes that they make. For those who don’t want to start from the ground up things like the Amazon Echo have become a staple of many homes, with their operating system, Alexa, reacting to your voice commands. Not only that but you can connect many of the different parts of your home to things like the Echo so that everything can be controlled from a single place. This means that you can control everything from your TV to your heating just by telling Alexa what to do. It might feel a little bit odd talking to a box in the corner of your living room, but there’s no denying how exciting this technology is.

Interconnected worlds

There was a time when, if you really wanted to connect with someone, you had to do so face to face. Sure, you could write letters or talk on the phone, but there was always a sense that you were missing out on something if you weren’t able to actually share the same space as someone else. But now, thanks to modern technology, that gap has become far less significant. Things like social media mean that it’s now easier than ever to stay up to date on the kinds of things happening in your friends’ and family’s lives, even when you’re miles apart. Not only that but things like Skype and Apple’s own Facetime allow you to talk to the people in your life face to face no matter where you are in the world. Things like long distance friendships and relationships might have been a real challenge in the past, but thanks to technology they’re easier than they’ve ever been before.

Virtual reality

Who doesn’t want to step into a totally different world for a little while? Sure, books, TV, films, and video games allow you to do this to an extent, but there’s a significant amount of work that your imagination has to do to forget that you’re actually just sitting in your living room. However, the rise of virtual reality is offering a new way to completely immerse yourself in a new and different world. Whether it’s the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift, or the new Playstation VR, virtual reality gaming is become more and more advanced, with designers crafting some truly unique and remarkable experiences. Sure, we’re not quite at the point where you’re unable to tell the difference between the game and your real life, but there are a lot of people who would say that’s probably a good thing!

Medical marvels

While many of the technological advances of the last decade or so have been primarily about making our lives easier, more fun, and more convenient, some of them involve improving people’s quality of life and even saving lives! Medicine has always been right at the forefront of modern technology, and over the last few decades, things have advanced more rapidly than you could have ever imagined. There are now more ways for doctors to diagnose illnesses more quickly and accurately than ever before, not only that but new treatment options are being created every day thanks to advancements in testing technology. Things like transplants and technology assisted body parts might sound like they’re pulled straight out of a piece of science fiction, but they are very real and are being used by many hospitals right now. If you take things down to a simpler, more personal level, there are plenty of ways that technology is improving the experience of medicine for many people. For those who struggle to make it to doctors appointments, there are now things like remote consultations that take advantage of programs like Skype so that they can speak to their doctor from the comfort of their own homes.

Sure, there are always going to ways in which the reality of a piece of technology is going to be a little more limited than the kinds of things that you could potentially see in a piece of science fiction. After all, hoverboards might exist, but they’re not exactly the kinds of things people have been hoping for since Back To The Future. But even with the limitations that many pieces of advanced technology have, there’s no denying just how incredible and groundbreaking so many of the developments over the last few years have been. It’s hard not to look around and feel as though we have officially pulled the future into the present day!