Brilliant Ideas For Bonding With Your Kids

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As parents, a lot of our time is devoted to making sure our kids grow into the people we want them to be. We all go to great lengths to make them better students, polite and caring members of society, and to keep them away from the kinds of mistakes we made in our youth. While these are all important parts of parenting, sometimes we can get too wrapped up in them, and wind up neglecting what being a parent is really all about: just being with them. Here are a few great ideas for bonding with your kids…

Find your Green Thumb

Gardening is an incredibly effective and affordable way to bring you and your kids closer together. You don’t need to be an expert horticulturalist to get a decent family garden going. There are countless easy projects you can start with your kids, and you’ll have hours of fun harvesting berries and making pancakes or muffins with them. You’ll also be able to teach your kids about nature, sustainability, and healthy eating while you’re at it. If you want some ideas to get you started, check out some blogs like Kids Gardening.

Get an Adrenaline Rush

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If Gogglebox has taught us anything, it’s that you can do a fair amount of family bonding sprawled out in front of the TV. However, if you really want to make memories, you need to get out there and have some actual experiences with your kids. Going for more high-adrenaline activities is a sure-fire way to create bonding opportunities none of you will easily forget. Take a day off and head off to your family’s favourite theme park, or book a day at somewhere like Brentwood Karting. Sometimes a simple bike ride around the woods is enough to get the adrenaline pumping!

Bedtime Bonding

Another easy way to create more bonding opportunities between you and your kids is making it a part of the nightly routine. Asking them a few conversation prompts while you’re tucking them into bed every night is a great habit to get into when you’re looking for ways to get closer to your children. What was the best thing that happened to you today? What was the worst thing? What was the silliest thing? Accept whatever they provide as answers, as long as it’s nothing worrying. Even if you don’t get anything more than a few words out of them, this is a great bonding exercise to try out.

Bonding with Books

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Books and reading have all kinds of benefits in terms of your child’s development, and aside from that, reading with your child every night is one of the most effective habits to get into when you’re trying to bond with them. This will always give you something to talk about, and a guaranteed window to spend time with them in all the hassle of your day-to-day schedule. Aim for at least ten minutes every night, and pretty soon it will become just as much a part of the routine as brushing their teeth.