Boost Your YouTube Views With These Easy Tips


When you look at how massive YouTube is these days, it’s pretty hard to believe that it’s barely over a decade old! While incredibly handy and entertaining for consumers, sometimes it can be a bit of a puzzle if you’re the one uploading videos. Whether it’s your kids trying their hand at being vloggers or you exhibiting one of your hobbies, getting views can feel tough. Here are a few effective tricks for getting more YouTube views.

Boost your YouTube Followers Subscribers Views

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First of all, putting annotations on your videos. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, I’m sure you’re familiar with YouTube annotations. They’re those little faded boxes that pop up over a video, linking you to something related, usually by the same uploader. Sometimes, these are nothing but a pest, and we click the little cross straight away. However, some of them are genuinely interesting, and we slip from one video right onto the next. Provided you’ve got more than one video, doing this can be a fantastic way to rack up views quickly. Even if you’re currently running on one video, you can still add annotations for subscriptions and your Facebook page.

Creating playlists is another effective, and yet brilliantly simple way to get more views on your videos. Playlists are automatically progressing lists of related videos, that can be formed of your own content or anyone else’s. Let’s say you do videos with gym tips and work-out routines. You could go looking for videos in the same niche covering many different exercises and pieces of equipment. Then, all that’s left is giving it an engaging title, like “Put the Gym to Good Use”. Just make sure you leave out the videos that provide the same information as yours, and are better than yours! The biggest strength of this is that once one video ends, another plays automatically. Even if your target audience isn’t going to sit around watching the thing end-to-end, your videos will still be right there in the borders.

Finally, boost your social media presence at large. If you know anyone in marketing, you may have heard them talk about “social proof” before. This is the effect of being exceedingly popular on one social network or channel, and the influence of this spreading out to bolster your YouTube views. As you can imagine, this is usually the effect of a lot of hard work spread out over a long period of time. However, it is possible to buy views and likes from services like . Yes, these initial views probably won’t be from people who are all that interested in your content. However, the effect of all those racking up will certainly make your videos a lot more visible. They’re also pretty cheap from a lot of services when you consider how much social influence you gain out of it. It’s kind of cheating, but it works!

Try out these tips, then sit back and see how much your YouTube influence grows. You may not go viral straight away, but it’s a step in the right direction.