Awesome Stocking Fillers for the Man in Your Life

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Christmas is coming, so you’ve probably already started to brainstorm a list of gift ideas that would be nice for the man in your life. Stocking fillers are great, because they don’t cost the earth and can make it look like you’ve bought a lot of stuff – always nice and exciting to wake up to on Christmas day! Here are some awesome stocking filler ideas for the man in your life:

A CD or Music Voucher

A CD or music voucher could be a really nice gift for men who love listening to music or going to gigs. However, make sure they still have a use for a CD before purchasing. Lots of people have scrapped CDs altogether in favor of digital downloads. Make sure you’re giving them something that they’ll actually use! A music voucher is a brilliant all round gift for any man, including the modern dad.

A Book

A book you know the man in your life will like could be a great stocking filler. You could give them an autobiography of someone they like, a storybook, or a self help book. If they don’t usually read, this might not be such a good idea. You don’t want it to sit gathering dust. If they do like to read, coming up with a thoughtful book is a wonderful way to give.

An Alcoholic Beverage

It’s not unusual for men to partake in a few alcoholic beverages over Christmas time. Maybe you could give some Scotch as a gift, or something else they really enjoy. You could even give a set of miniature bottles, the perfect size for a stocking!

Awesome Stocking Fillers for the Man in Your Life

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Beauty Products

Beauty products – for a man?! Yep, you read that right! Beauty products could be an awesome idea. If you know the man in your life likes to take care of himself, introduce him to a simple skincare routine. You could even buy him a manicure kit. There’s no shame in a man who takes care of his appearance! Many stores are recognising that men are taking better care of themselves these days, and coming up with more male orientated products. Don’t be afraid to ask in store if you’re unsure.

Food Treats

Know your man’s favorite food treats? You could fill his stocking full of them. There are chilli nuts, bacon jam, and so many unusual but delicious treats you could give them. All of these treats should tide them over over the Christmas period!

Novelty Items

Why not use the stocking as a way to give fun, novelty items you can use over Christmas? If you have any private jokes between you or something like that, you could put a big smile on their face over Christmas. A self stirring mug could be a popular novelty gift for the coffee or tea lover.

These gifts make perfect stocking fillers, as they are just the right size and won’t break the bank. If you have any great ideas, feel free to leave them below – I’d love to hear them! Come back for more great reads soon.