Awesome Christmas Gifts for Modern Dads

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Christmas will soon be coming, whether you like it or not. Which means that it’s time to start thinking about presents for dads everywhere. Not that I’m hinting at anything! Once upon a time, dads were often stoic men who played a rather hands-off role in the family. They brought home the bacon, but they weren’t likely to be found cooking it. After a long day at work, they probably sat down with their pipe and slippers to watch the cricket. But the modern dad comes from all different stripes. He could be sporty, bookish, nurturing or a bit dramatic. Some dads have tattoos; others dress from head to toe in black, and some are modern gents. So what do you buy today’s dads for Christmas?

Xmas Presents for Dads


Grooming Products

Plenty of men have cared about their appearance in the past. But it’s now more acceptable and happens in different ways. Not too long ago, most men wouldn’t have been caught dead using a moisturiser. And although some still won’t, they are more likely to if you brand it in the right way. There are lots of grooming products you can buy for the modern man, from beard care oils to fancy shampoos. All of them with strong masculine scents, of course. The Brotique has a great range of things to inspire you, including shaving sets and body washes.

Audio Tech

Any music lover enjoys tech that will improve their listening experience. There are a few different options if you want to an audio accessory for your dad or your child’s dad. If they often listen to music on the move, they might enjoy a pair of decent headphones. A lot of people go through life running through lots of cheap pairs of earbuds. A proper set for using at home, on the train or at the gym could change their listening experience forever. You can also consider a new set of speakers or a portable speaker.

Fashionable Accessories

Modern men are often much more fashionable than their counterparts from the past. We’re allowed to think more about how we look and spend more time and money on our appearance. And that means more clothes and accessories, as well as grooming products. You can buy new clothes for a cool dad, but it’s often better to get accessories. I’m more likely to use a new wallet than wear a shirt all the time. In fact, a wallet is a great gift, along with sunglasses and watches. And I can never have too many socks!

Dads Outdoors


Outdoor Tools

Anyone who likes to be outdoors loves to have useful tools they can carry around. You can get lots of small gadgets that fit easily in pockets or on keychains. For example, a small but high-powered torch can come in handy for a lot of things. Portable chargers are useful to have on camping trips and while travelling too. Then there are larger items that dad can use when he’s out in the wilderness – or just in the garden. Camping equipment or anything to help them do their favourite sport will go down well.

Home Accessories

Yes, men are even allowed to like interior design – although, we might not call it that. Something to brighten up dad’s man cave could be the perfect gift for Christmas. Or you could get him something he can display around the house. If he likes art, he might like a print, poster or original painting. Or you could get him something to use in the kitchen, whether it’s a coffee pot or some barbecue equipment. Even some candles or coasters can be a great thing to have around the house.

Books and DVDs

Most people have a list of books and DVDs that they can’t wait to buy. You can beat them to it by getting something they want. Surprises don’t matter more than getting someone something they want, so ask dad if he wants anything. Or listen out for hints. If you don’t know of anything they’re after, you can surprise them with something you think they’ll enjoy. It could be fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, comedy or whatever they like. Of course, if they’re far too modern to read paperbacks and watch DVDs, you could get them a Kindle or a Netflix subscription.

There are all kinds of things you can get a modern dad for special occasions. It all depends on what he likes and enjoys doing. Don’t let yourself be influenced too much by “gifts for him” lists when they don’t relate to the person you’re buying for. Choose a present based on his interests.