Auto Theft 101: Easy Ways to Stop Your Car from Being Stolen

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Believe it or not, cars are stolen every single day. Some robberies happen while the driver is in the car, and other times they happen when the car is parked at the side of the road. If you want to protect your investment then it is so important that you are aware of how thieves work as well as taking the right steps to try and stop them in their tracks.

Never Leave your Keys in the Car

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people leave their keys in the car. When your car is parked you need to make sure that you never leave your keys on display and you also have to close all of the windows and even the sunroof. It’s also important that you never leave your car running, or unattended.

Avoid Leaving Valuables

If you leave valuables on display, then this could make your car into a target. Valuables such as phones,  handbags or even GPS devices should never be left on the front seat or even in the back of the car. If you go out then you should always put them in the boot where they are completely hidden from sight. Your vehicle title should also be put somewhere safe, and out of sight. If your car does get stolen and pulled over, a thief can easily access the required documentation if the car has not yet been reported as stolen.

Anti-Theft Devices

You also need to install an anti-theft system in your car if you don’t have one right now. Thieves are often very reluctant to try and steal from any type of vehicle if they know that it has one. They know that these types of vehicles are often recovered quickly and that they also draw a lot of attention as well.  Another bonus of having an anti-theft device is that it will probably make your insurance much cheaper. If you need to know more about that then compare the best van insurance online.

Be Careful at Night

A lot of thieves often prefer to work at night because it gives them the cover of darkness. You need to be so careful at night where you park your car. If possible, it should always be parked in a well-lit area. This will deter thieves and it will also make it much easier to find out what is going on with your car if there is a disturbance.


Leaving your car parked on a hill is a great way for you to try and deter thieves as well. You need to turn the wheels towards the curb, or any other obstruction. If a thief was to try and tow your vehicle then this would make it much more difficult for them. It also gives both you and your neighbours more time to try and figure out what is going on, so that the crime can be reported to the police in the shortest possible time. Having your number plate written down in your phone is also another fantastic way for you to have the information you need should something happen.