Are You Spending More Money Than Necessary?

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Everyone wants to have some more cash in their life. They’re looking for a raise, or a promotion, or at starting a side-business not because they necessarily want to take on more work, but because the bills are mounting up and, well, it’s nice to have some more cash in the bank. But actually, rather than proactively trying to get more money, it makes more sense to keep the money that you already have. Does sound easier said than done? It shouldn’t. Plenty of people spend more than necessary! Below, we take a look at some straightforward ways you might be spending more than you need to.


Brand Versus Off-Brand

There’s a reason why the large companies spend millions each year convincing us that their product is the best available: they know that we’re a sucker for familiarity. When we see their item in the supermarket, it’s quality will be ingrained in our head, even if we’ve never used it before. The truth is that the stuff with a label you recognise on the front isn’t necessarily “better” than the off-brand equivalent. In fact, even if were, you’d never be able to tell the difference unless you were an expert. Hand soap is hand soap! Next time you’re in the supermarket, chuck no-brand items in your trolley instead. You’ll save a pretty penny.

Modern Essentials

You’re not a fully formed human in the eyes of modern society unless you have a smartphone, cable television, and fast internet. But it’s enough just to “have” these things – you don’t need to have the very best version possible. Are you really watching all the channels you pay for? Are you really using all the data and minutes you’re paying for? If the answer is a resounding no, which it most likely is, then look at simplifying your deals. For your smartphone, you can look at Net10 phones, which get great coverage yet cost much less than other deals. For your television, cut the cord and go for free to air channels. There’s always Netflix and the like for all your other entertainment needs.

Getting Around

After the home, the area of our lives that next soaks up most of our money is our transport. Running a car is expensive, after all! So why not look at reducing the costs by…not driving your car. Once you’ve factored in the petrol and the parking, you’ll nearly always find that taking public transport is much cheaper. It’s not always possible to get to where you want to go via bus or train, but when it is, take that option. It’ll get you there just as quickly (or as good as) and you’ll save a lot of money, especially when it comes to petrol.

Comparing Prices

You have a lot of services and other things that you pay for. But are you sure you’re getting the best deal? By playing your suppliers off one another, you can usually save more than a pretty penny, and it only takes five minutes.