An Extended Stay Abroad: Could Your Family Do It?

Travel & Holiday

Taking your kids abroad gives you the opportunity for adventure, whether you go for a couple of days or a couple of weeks. But at the end of your holiday, you always have to return to return. It’s back home you go until you’re next able to get away. What if next time you could do things differently and stay for months, a year, or even longer? Spending extended time in another country with your family could be an incredible experience for all of you, and it doesn’t have to be permanent. It could be something you decide to do to get closer as a family and try something new and exciting. But could your family do it?

Work or Extended Holiday?

If you’re thinking about taking an extended adventure, you could travel continuously, or you could settle in one place. If you decide you’re going to settle down and try to live like the locals, you need to decide whether you’re going to work or if you’re just going to have an extended holiday. While the UK is still in the EU, you can settle in anywhere you want in the Union, and stay for several months before having to prove that you can support yourself. So you might decide to look for work. But if you have enough savings, you could maximise your time abroad by using all of it to enjoy your extended holiday.

Unsplash at Pixabay

Finding Somewhere to Stay

Wherever you decide you’re going to spend your time, from France to America, you need somewhere your family can stay. Some families who go on an extended trip decide to travel in a campervan and use it as their accommodation too. However, if you’re staying in one place, you’re more likely to want to rent or buy somewhere. Buying a property is a big commitment, of course, but it could be the right decision in some circumstances. By using a specialist property agency like Lupain Estate Agents, you can find a property for a longer stay if you’re thinking of moving for a few years. Or perhaps you like the idea of being able to return to the same place later. You could buy a property to use as a holiday home once you’ve moved back home.

What About School?

Then there’s school to think about. Your extended stay could be a relatively short six weeks during the summer holidays. If it’s longer, though, you’ll need to consider what you want to do about the kids’ schooling. One option is for them to attend a local school, or perhaps an international school. Another possibility is homeschooling, or simply allowing them to miss some time from school while they learn in more informal ways. This is easier to do with younger children. Any teenagers who might have important exams coming up or could suffer from missing too much school could be better off staying in formal education.

Relocating your family to another country for a while can give everyone a new perspective. It’s perhaps best done when the kids are younger, though.