All The Style Tips Your Father Should Have Taught You

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When I look back at all the useful and practical things that my father taught me, there is definitely one important thing that stands out: his sense of style and fashion. Every man should pass down his main style tips to his son as most of the best fashion ideas and trends are timeless and iconic. So, what did your father teach you about fashion and style? Here are some of the most basic tips that should always be passed from generation to generation.


Confidence Is Key

The key to a great sense of style? It’s all about confidence! Your father should have told you that it’s more about how you wear something rather than what you wear. As long as you feel great in an item of clothing, you will definitely be able to pull it off. Plus, people will see your confidence and will definitely be won over by it!

How To Tie A Tie

How to tie a tie is one of the most basic things in men’s fashion. Alright, so you could just settle for a clip-on tie, but those can be spotted a mile off, and just don’t have the same sense of sophistication. Still not too sure how you should correctly tie a tie? Don’t worry; there are lots of online guides showing you how it’s done, just like this one.

Every Man Needs One Tailored Suit

Do you have a tailored suit in your wardrobe? You should have as this is another wise tip that a father usually passes down to their son. Every man looks great in a suit and you will often be invited to an occasion that requires you wear one. If you’re not sure which style of suit would suit you best, take a look at the Iconic website to see the various cuts and colours. It’s perfectly OK to buy a tailored suit from a reputable website such as this one but, if you can afford it, you should visit a local tailor and get one personally fitted.


Clothing Maintenance

Another thing that your father should have taught you is how to correctly look after and maintain all of your clothes. For example, you should know how to polish all your leather shoes and boots. Plus, it is important that you know how to correctly iron all of your clothes so that you never have to wear any wrinkled garments. Learning how to iron a shirt can be particularly difficult, but you will certainly find it easier with guidance from your father.

Shave Without Sore Skin

Hopefully, your father has also shown you how to shave your face without causing any excessive redness or soreness. Most fathers also pass down a good skincare routine to their sons as this can help to slow down the aging process and the development of wrinkles.

If your father has never told you any of these style tips, you should be able to fill in the blanks with this blog. Not only that, though, but be sure to pass on these tips to your own sons!